Football: Chris Young Addresses Transfer Rumors

VandyMania talked to sophomore wide receiver Chris Young after Vanderbilt's season-ending 38-27 loss to Ole Miss about the published reports that he might transfer to another school.

VandyMania: It came out in the paper this week that you were thinking about transferring.  Are you really definite about that, or is it just something that you're thinking about?

Chris: It's just a possibility, you know what I'm saying?  It's just out there.

VM: Have you approached anyone at Vanderbilt yet about that possibility?

Chris: No, I'm a Commodore right now.  I've got other things to focus on right now other than that.

VM: There's still at least a chance that you'll be back next year?

Chris: Yeah.  With a coaching change, that's just like a transfer, you know what I'm saying?  Coaches change, and we'll see what transpires in the spring.

VM: If they bring in a coach that you really like, there's a good chance you'd be back?

Chris: Yeah, I'm probably going to be a Commodore next year.

VM: Were you misquoted in that article in the Tupelo paper?

Chris: Yeah, man!  I said nothing about Steve Spurrier.

VM: That was a total misquote?

Chris: Yeah.

VM: What did your mama say when she read it?

Chris: I don't even want to talk about what my mama said!  No, they're just behind me.  My family's been very supportive.  She heard about it a couple of days ago, and she called me and asked me what the deal was.  I told her like I told you, I'm a Commodore.

VM: Did anybody on the Ole Miss team talk to you during or after the game about the possibility you might transfer?

Chris: No, I didn't see any of the coaches after the game.

VM: How about players?

Chris: Nah.

VM: Did you say that about Vanderbilt not really having much spirit?  Was that an accurate quote?

Chris: No comment.

VM: So your status right now is that you're a Commodore?

Chris: Yeah, I'm a Commodore.

VM: Not gonna transfer, or are you going to wait and see what happens?

Chris: Gonna wait and see what happens. Top Stories