Football: Seniors Look Ahead

With the 2001 season now complete, Vanderbilt's senior football players look ahead to new plans and different goals. VandyMania asked seniors Greg Zolman, Nate Morrow, Antuian Bradford, Doyle Crosby and Nezih Hasanoglu about what their futures held beyond college football.


"I'm definitely going to do everything I can to get myself into the NFL.  I'll be getting ready for the combine, and if any all-star games present themselves, I'll do that.  I still have a whole year left to go at Owen (Graduate School of Business)."


"It was pretty hard walking off that field [for the last time].  You just never know what's going to happen, whether it's the last time you're going to go out there and put the pads on.  It's something you've given half your life to, and something you have a passion for.  You have a bunch of guys you love, and love to play with, and it's a difficult thing to think it's over.  I'm getting ready for the Blue-Grey Game on Christmas.  Then I'm having surgery on my foot the next day.  Then after that, just trying to get in shape and see what happens.  I'm proud that I've been part of such a fine institution and such a fine program."


"I really don't know.  The first thing is schoolwork, graduating.  I'll go ahead and get my degree-- I'll get it in May, so I'm concentrating on that.  Then, possibly NFL-- the coaches think I have a legitimate shot.  So I'll be working out."


"I've been here for the long haul.  Personally, I'm trying to get on to the next level, so I'm going to start working out, training, running, getting ready for the combine.  Hopefully some Senior Bowls, something like Florida vs. USA, some options will open up.  If I get into them, great; if I don't, I still know I'll have a shot to get to the next level, so that's what I'm looking forward to doing.  I'll be finished with school in December, but I'll walk [through the graduation line] in May."


"I've got a few options.  I've still got to finish up the next semester of school and next summer in order to graduate.  But I'm also going to work out next semester and try to get into a [NFL] camp-- OR, I'm going to keep on working on my schoolwork and apply to medical school next year.  Right now the more sure thing is medical school, so I'm just trying to get everything situated-- taking a year off from school just to get ready, and then I'll apply next year.  The university doesn't really have a pre-med major, but they allow you to meet all the requirements for entrance, so that's what I'm doing."


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