Photo Gallery: Dore Jam III

Vanderbilt's third annual Dore Jam was staged Sunday afternoon at the John Rich football practice complex. The weather could hardly have been more perfect, with partly sunny skies and unseasonably mild weather. VandyMania photographer Whitney D. brings back these phtotos.

The section of Natchez Trace which adjoins the football field was blocked off. Instead of cars, there were several children's activities, a booth with Vanderbilt merchandise, and a concession stand with free hot dogs and drinks.

The crowd showed up early, filling the field within 15 minutes of the official start of Dore Jam.

In the front half of the field closest to the McGugin Center, tents were set up where the various units signed autographs and posed for photos.

As usual, the tent where Coach Bobby Johnson and the captains were signing autographs was the most popular. Shortly after Dore Jam began, the line already stretched far down the field.

Plenty of team posters were available for autographs, and throughout the afternoon, Coach Johnson signing his autograph was a frequent sight.

At the far end of the field, there were more children's activities, hosted by players from other teams. Here Dana Messinger, a junior defender on the lacrosse team, is showing some of the children how it's done.

Brock Williams, Vice Chancellor David Williams II, Jillian Danker, and Mike Schoenfeld, director of public relations for Vanderbilt, posed for a photograph. Brock Williams and Jillian Danker are two of the four Directors of Sports Operations, and Schoenfeld is Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs.

Fall practices for the soccer teams began this week, and members of both of the teams were at Dorejam, including Erin Horan, Audrey Nonemaker, Nikki Reed, Amy Bauman, and Alexis Yoculan.

Jeff Jennings and some of the other freshmen sign autographs in the running backs' tent.

Yep, that's Coach Johnson, still signing autographs.

Freshman offensive lineman Hamilton Holliday signs a poster for a young fan.

As junior tight end Dustin Dunning was practicing his lacrosse skills with a few of his teammates, a young girl asked, "Are you a starter?" Presumably she meant a starter for the football team, not lacrosse.

Junior quarterback Jay Cutler was a favorite target for photographs. Fortunately, he said afterwards that all the autograph-signing he'd done should have no effect on his throwing motion.

The shadows began to lengthen and the crowd began to thin, and Coach Johnson was still signing autographs.

With Dore Jam winding down, and many of the football players leaving for dinner and meetings, senior offensive lineman Justin Geisinger signs one last autograph for a young fan.

Two hours after Dore Jam began, the party's over, and Coach Johnson signs his last autograph of the afternoon.

Photos by Whitney D., copyright 2004 for Top Stories