VandyMania Interview: Gabe Hall

Freshman defensive lineman Gabe Hall chatted with VandyMania recently about his first week on campus and his first week of football practice with the Commodores.


VandyMania: Gabe, you're a brand new freshman, haven't even taken a class yet. First, tell us about your recruiting visit... you came down from Fork Union with David Carter, and both of you ended up committing on the same weekend.

Gabe Hall: It was a great visit. I really loved the coaches. They were just open and honest about what they were trying to do here at Vanderbilt, and I loved it.

VM: How big are you exactly?

Gabe: 6-2, 300.

VM: You played at Fork Union Military Academy, which is almost a college-caliber program. But what has this first week of practice at Vanderbilt been like for you?

Gabe: It's a whole new learning experience. The game is just a lot faster. Everything here is more focused on technique than anything. You've got to learn your playbook. It's just a big, new learning experience. It's definitely a big adjustment, but I feel like I'm getting adjusted. Most of us freshmen that have come in are just hoping we can help the team out.

VM: Do you have a feel for what your chances are of playing this season as opposed to redshirting?

Gabe: I think the chances are pretty good for me to play. Right now I'm third on the depth chart, but if I keep working hard, I might have a chance to move up.

VM: Are they feeding you good enough?

Gabe: Oh, yes sir! Four times a day! It's absolutely great. They have a great training table here.

VM: Fans will be curious what kind of interests you have off the field, and what kinds of things you like to do in your spare time.

Gabe: I just like to relax, play PlayStation, and watch NFL and college football games, and try to do what they do, and try to put some of the things that they do on the field.

VM: How long have you been a 300-pounder? And did they bulk you up good at Fork Union?

Gabe: Oh, yes sir. I've been at 300 pounds for about two years now. They had a great weight training program at Fork Union. Then this summer the coaches here and Coach Sisk gave us a weight training program, and I followed that this summer.


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