Commodores try to shake off opening loss

South Carolina ran past Vanderbilt with shocking ease last Saturday on its way to a 31-6 victory. Senior defensive lineman Robert Dinwiddie says the team will attempt to shake off the loss as it prepares to meet Ole Miss Sept. 18. "You just have to prepare for the next week," he said, because whether we won or lost last week isn't going to affect next week."


Q: Could you give us your general thoughts on South Carolina's offense?

Senior defensive lineman Robert Dinwiddie: They came out firing on all cylinders. They ran their schemes well. They ran efficiently. Their backs are excellent. Their offensive line is made for their backs. I wouldn't necessarily call them overpowering, but they do what they do well.

Q: Did it take a few series for you to figure out what they were doing differently from last year? Was there a lot they were doing differently?

A: They weren't doing it a whole lot differently from last year. They were basically just saying, we're going to run the ball, and you see if you can stop us.

Q: A lot of people said you guys were pushed around a little bit last year. Do you think that was the case again this year, or did you meet a little more in the middle this year?

A: I think it was more in the middle. Their backs and [South Carolina quarterback] Dondrial Pinkins-- they do what they do well, and they believe in Coach Holtz. They run well. They make great cuts off of their blocking schemes. They're made for the offense. But as far as us getting pushed around, this D-line, I don't think they got pushed around. They just took us out of the game.

Q: Both teams had to have question marks in the back of their minds all summer, like, how good are we going to be? Then the first quarter happens. Does that hurt the confidence that you guys had built up, and double up their confidence?

A: It was definitely a shocker. Coming out in the first quarter, you expect to play well. Then you see South Carolina come out, and we spot them 17 points. That's not something you can do when you're trying to build a tradition.

Q: How will you put it behind you?

A: You just have to prepare for the next week. Because whether we won or lost last week isn't going to affect next week. And it's not going to be this way for us the rest of the season.

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