Pete's Pigskin Prognostications

Back for more abuse, curmudgeonly Pete Fox takes a look at Week Three in SEC football. The weekend includes the savory marquee matchups of LSU-at-Auburn and Florida-at-Tennessee, as well as Vanderbilt-at-Ole Miss.

I gave serious consideration to calling in sick this week. Looking at the schedule, I think I could have convinced anyone that my ulcer was acting up. There are some seriously close games lined up to this weekend, and an 800-pound gorilla named Ivan lurking in the Gulf of Mexico ready to throw a monkey wrench in the works. At least until the results are in, I can be a prescient football guru. After Saturday, who knows? The first four are easy, so I'll dispose of them forthwith:

(6-0 last week; 15-1-1 overall)

Western Carolina @ Alabama – Catamount stew for the Tide 52-6.

Louisiana-Monroe @ Arkansas – The politically incorrect Indians of La-Mo are in big trouble. Arkansas 48, La-Mo 3.

Maine @ Mississippi State – Maine? Maine has a football team? These guys should stay in the northeast where they talk funny and stick to lobster fishing. MSU 35, Maine 0.

South Florida @ South Carolina – The battle of the compass points. The Gamecocks are a lot better than expected, and nearly delivered a death blow to UGA. They won't be merciful this week. The Bulls of USF have the usual chance bulls have in bullfight. SC 45, SF 14. Two ears and a tail.

And now the nail-biters:

LSU @ Auburn – According to weather forecasts, the really bad stuff (weather-wise) should be gone by game time. LSU has looked anything but impressive in their first two games. Home field advantage, and Ivan's disruption of LSU's normal pre-game routines adds up to a War Eagle win, 21-17.

Florida @ Tennessee – The Tennessee crowd and tradition will make the UTK freshmen quarterbacks play like Juniors, and the Sophomore UF quarterback play line a freshman. The weather track puts Ivan squarely over Neyland stadium just about game time. In a mistake-filled game for both teams, Tennessee 19, Florida 13.

Indiana @ Kentucky – IU seems to be successfully rebuilding, and Kentucky has yet to start. I don't see how the public makes the Wildcats a 1.5-point favorite. This game should be pretty wet, partially from the Big Blue's tears. IU 13, UK 10.

Vanderbilt @ Mississippi – Reading between the lines of the various coaches' and player's comments after the South Carolina loss, I'm reminded of the old story:

PRESS: Coach, what happened out there today?

COACH: They threw a few things we hadn't seen before at us.

PRESS: What's that, Coach?

COACH: They blocked and tackled.

Ole miss is in complete disarray, but you can bet they are licking their chops waiting for the Viagra of the SEC to come to town. Bobby Johnson has been "Playing not to lose" since he got to VU (and not doing too well at it), and I don't see it changing anytime soon. Conservatism will keep it close, but without an adequate kicking game, it will fail in the end. Mississippi 24, Vandy 14.


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