Pete's Pigskin Prognostications

<B>Pete Fox</b>, VandyMania's resident contrarian, takes a look at Week Four in SEC football. Scoff at Pete's picks at your own peril; he went 5-2 last week in a difficult week, and he's an impressive 20-3-1 on the season.

Well, apparently they DO play football in Maine. At least well enough to beat what may the worst team in the SEC (we'll know more about that next week, after MSU plays VU).

Not a bad week last week at 5-2, considering the big games played. Thanks to the zebras for all the help, figuring prominently in the Vanderbilt-Ole Miss, Tennessee-Florida, and LSU-Auburn games. I know they're only human, but there were some egregious miscarriages of justice perpetrated last week. And what's with all of the missed extra points?

Ah well, it should be a slam dunk for the fearless picker this week.

Alabama @ Arkansas – The only squeaker of the bunch. "Bama's loss of the starting QB should propel the Pigs to a big win, in the standings if not in the final score. Arkansas 28 Tide 20

The Citadel at Auburn – A prime chance for the walk-ons of Auburn to try for a scholarship. The little-known rule which allows both schools to agree to run the clock continuously should be invoked for this one. Auburn 58, Citadel 3.

Kentucky at Florida – Even the refs won't be able to take this one away from Florida. Too bad the Wildkats couldn't save some of their 52 points against Indiana to use in this game. Gators 31, UK 17.

Mississippi State at LSU – How bad is MSU? We won't find out this game, as the Bengals show mercy early and late. LSU 35, MSU 10.

Ole Miss at Wyoming – Ole Miss is favored in the game, but I don't know why. Any team that can only beat Vandy in overtime, and that only by grace of some very questionable calls (by the officials and the Vandy coaching staff) can't be much of a favorite against anybody, especially on the road. Cowboys 21, Rebels 17.

Troy State at South Carolina – The Trojans are for real, but they will need the horse and more to get out of Columbia intact. South Carolina 28, Troy 10.

Louisiana Tech at Tennessee – More water-boy excitement. The only question for this game is whether the Great Pumpkin will return to the orange sweatsuit, or continue with the white he wore for Florida. UTK 31, LATECH 7.

Vanderbilt at Navy – Navy won at Vanderbilt last year. Vandy is typical Vandy, 0-2 and looking much the same as last year. Navy is off to its best start in 25 years, and seems to be improved in almost every way. Vandy will need to play flawless ball to have a chance. Seems like a no-brainer (easy for me, a lot of people say I don't have one anyway). Midshipmen outrank Commodores on Saturday 28-17.

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