Pete's Pigskin Prognostications

VandyMania's peerless picker went 5-2 last week, and is now 35-5-1 overall for 2004.

Another good week for the seer, only missing the UK debacle and the UTK meltdown. But I about dislocated my shoulder patting myself on the back about the South Carolina win.

Alabama @ Kentucky – I just can't figure Kentucky out. They give a creditable account of themselves at Florida the previous week, and then lose to and Ohio University team they were favored to beat by 14. Well, I don't have any trouble figuring them out this week. Alabama 27, Kentucky 10.

Louisiana Tech @ Auburn – Let's see…..La Tech lost to UTK by 25…..UTK lost to Auburn by 24. Scores aren't usually transitive, but in this case, I'll pick Auburn by 50.

LSU @ Florida – After winning by a miracle in the first game of the season, LSU has been so-so, winning the little games by big margin, but failing miserable in the big ones. Florida is playing much better after being robbed in Knoxville, plus they're playing at home. Florida 33, LSU 21.

Tennessee @ Georgia – Tennessee points to the inexperienced first-year quarterbacks as a reason for their loss to Auburn. Maybe so, but it wasn't the quarterbacks that played defense allowing Auburn to score almost at will. Georgia can do the same, if they can maintain the fervor they showed against LSU. Georgia 27, Tennessee 21.

Mississippi @ South Carolina – Mississippi isn't the worst team in the SEC, and South Carolina is far from the best, but the result will look like it. SC 31, Mississippi 7.

Alabama-Birmingham @ Mississippi State – It's really bad to have to pick a hyphen over a SEC school. The Blazers are playing very, very well, and Mississippi State reminds me of some of the worst Vanderbilt teams. The Bulldogs have nowhere to go but up, but it won't start this week. UAB 35, State 13.

Rutgers @ Vanderbilt – I'd really like to pass on this one. Vandy has a worse record, but against better competition. Vandy is favored. Vandy is at home. Intellectually, Vandy is the pick. Emotionally, VU has lost so many games like this, it almost begs me to pick the Scarlet Knights. This game is really a toss-up. I don't really think Vandy has learned how to win these games yet. (hedge, hedge, hedge). VU 24 Rutgers 17.

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