A Welcome to New Head Coach Bobby Johnson

The staff at VandyMania.com welcomes new Head Coach Bobby Johnson and his wife Catherine.

The VandyMania staff would like to extend a hearty welcome to Bobby Johnson as the 25th Head Coach of Vanderbilt Football.

While he wasn't the first choice of the administration and many longtime Commodore followers, it is quickly becoming evident that he may very well have been the best choice.   His class, leadership qualities, knowledge of football, dedication, drive to win, and other fine attributes of a coach are all ingredients needed to win, and win responsibly at Vanderbilt.

There is little doubt in the Vanderbilt community that all the needed pieces are in place for him to win at Vanderbilt.   Gordon Gee is the greatest chancellor Vanderbilt has ever seen and will do much to assist him in developing a strong program.  His charisma and enthusiasm are unlike that of any university head in the country. 
Todd Turner is one of Vanderbilt's finest athletic directors ever and shares the vision that Gordon Gee possesses.  He has strengthened every other sport at Vanderbilt and will do the same for football.

The players on his new team possess much talent and desire to win.  They've worked hard as individuals throughout their careers but need good leadership to bring them together as a complete team.  That leadership is here.

Vanderbilt's fans are few in number but are the best and most loyal in the nation.   Few I-A schools with an enrollment and alumni as small as Vanderbilt's coupled with 19 straight non-winning seasons could match the attendance of Vanderbilt's.  Nashville is the largest city of the SEC home cities.  If Bobby Johnson wins, even more will come.  

Bobby Johnson will have the luxury of offering perspective student athletes a chance to get a superior education while playing in the nation's toughest college football conference.   All this in a bustling, rapidly growing city with much to do.  

Best advice for Bobby: Beware of the local news media.  They are not all his friends. 

Again, VandyMania welcomes Bobby Johnson and his lovely wife Catherine to the Vanderbilt community.  We are excited about the leadership and class he brings the Vanderbilt football program.

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