Does Przybyszewski have the NBA in his future?

Dawid Przybyszewski, Vanderbilt's 7-2 senior center from Poland, could one day be following in the footsteps of Matt Freije, who today is playing in the NBA. First though, there's the little matter of helping the Commodores make another run at the SEC and the postseason. Dawid talks about his NBA aspirations, and more.


VandyMania: Dawid, you're now a senior and about to start your final season of college basketball. Has it hit you yet?

Przybyszewski defends basket vs. South Carolina. (AP / Perry Baker)
Dawid Przybyszewski: I don't know if it's hit me yet. I'm just trying to stay focused and do what I have to do. I'm looking forward to great things and mostly trying to repeat the success we had last year, and maybe even better than that.

VM: Looking at the non-conference schedule for this year, there are a lot of great teams and some tough road games. Talk about the non-conference schedule and what you think it says about this year's team.

Dawid: The coaches are trying to build the schedule according to the team. The coaches feel we have a better team, and the schedule reflects that. We just have to perform as the games come, especially against all the good teams we'll play, and build confidence before the SEC games start.

VM: What parts of your individual game did you work on most this off-season?

Dawid: I worked on my strength again, a lot of time in the weight room. That was my main goal. I just wanted to gain more weight and be more physical and work on rebounding.

VM: There was a stretch at the end of last year where you averaged 13 points per game and seven rebounds per game. Can you produce at that level this season?

Dawid: I think if I stay focused and healthy I'm capable of doing the same thing, and that's my goal - to just stay consistent this year and try to play at as high a level as I can.

VM: How does it feel being labeled the "best shooting seven-footer in the country?"

Dawid: (laughing) It feels good. I don't know if I am the best shooting 7-footer in the country, but it feels great.

VM: Is the NBA next for you? What position do you see yourself playing?

Dawid: I never thought about it like that, to pick a position. Maybe power forward. I can guard a 4 or 5, so that doesn't matter. I see myself playing pro basketball but I don't know where, but I'll play basketball as long as I can.

VM: What are the team's goals heading into this season?

Dawid: Our goal is the Final Four. We're just trying to improve. That's a high goal, but we're capable of doing it. It all depends on the team and what sacrifices are we going to make to achieve that goal.

Przybyszewski puts it on the floor vs. Mississippi State in last year's SEC Tournament. (VandyMania / Bryan Hufalar)


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