Pete's Pigskin Prognostications

A weekend like the last one only drives home the reason I never, never, ever bet on college football games. Tennessee–Georgia, OK, this is a throw-the-record-book-out kind of game, at least sort of expected. Florida–LSU, maybe the same, though there's not a lot of history to deal with. But really, Ole Miss manhandling South Carolina, AT South Carolina? What's going on here? At least this week will (I hope) provide no challenges to the pigskin picker and the normal order of things in the SEC.

(3-4 last week; 38-9-1 overall)

Southern Miss @ Alabama – At first glance, Southern Miss looks like a Tide-beater. They're 4-0 with a win over Nebraska. But after last week's disaster by Nebraska, that doesn't look so hot, and the other wins were lackluster wins against lackluster opponents. The Tide may have found themselves after shellacking Kentucky last week, so I'll pick the Red Elephant in a close game. Alabama 21, Southern Mississippi 19.

Arkansas @ Auburn – I think Auburn is the pick of the SEC west, and Arkansas has no chance to disprove that. Auburn 30, Pigs 10.

MTSU @ Florida – The hurricane was only a stay of execution for the Blue Raiders. Florida could easily get into the 70's (point-wise, not decade-wise), but mercy will prevail and they will keep it under 50. Gators 49, MTSU 6.

South Carolina @ Kentucky – South Carolina last week---True colors or temporary setback? We won't find out this week. South Carolina 35, Kentucky 13.

UTK @ Mississippi – Tennessee has a death grip on the SEC East and is not likely to let go for the likes of Ole Miss. Riggs and Houston will run through the Rebels like Rutgers through the VU 4-quarter defense. (VU has been outscored 51-7 in fourth quarters this year.) UTK 51, Mississippi 7.

Vanderbilt @ Georgia – Do the math. Georgia will have 11 offensive possessions. One will end the first half, one will end the second half, one will result in a field goal, and one will result in a turnover. VU's defense has as much chance of stopping them as they do of stopping an avalanche. Add in a defensive score and Georgia scores 59 points. Will Vandy score? Probably not, with an anemic running game and an offensive line that makes Jay Cutler's passing an adventure in terror. Well, give them 7 anyway. If you really, really have to bet this week, take Georgia and lay the 23 points. Easy money. Georgia 59, VU 7.

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