VU-UGA: Views from the locker room

Quarterback Jay Cutler, linebacker Moses Osemwegie, running back Cassen Jackson-Garrison and offensive lineman Brian Kovolisky talked with the press after Vanderbilt's 33-3 loss to Georgia Saturday.


Jay Cutler, junior quarterback: 12-of-22 passing for 133 yards, no interceptions; 10 rushes for -1 yards (includes three sacks)

Q: On the fourth-and-short play right before the half, did you try to convince the coaches to go for it?

A: Definitely. I feel we have faith in our offense, that deal. I definitely felt we had a chance there, but that's why I'm not the head man. That's why he gets the big bucks to make those big decisions. The defense was playing well at that point. We were holding them, so I can definitely see us kicking right there.

Q: Could you talk about their blitz packages? It looked like they were sending some guys.

A: The first half, I think we confused them a little bit. We were motioning them out of the backfield and showing them some formations they hadn't seen this year. So once they got the hang of it, they started bringing some safeties and bringing the Sam and Mike, same as everyone else does against us. So really we weren't surprised. We knew they were going to bring the safeties down and bring them through the A-gaps. It wasn't anything we weren't ready for.

Moses Osemwegie, junior linebacker: 12 tackles (4 solo, 8 unassisted); one interception

Q: Could you talk about what the defensive game plan was against them today?

A: We figured they were going to try to run the ball down our throats, pretty much. They did do that today, and we weren't able to stop the run like we wanted to. It seemed like they kind of knew what we were doing. They were coached well. They played a good game.

Q: They've got two pretty good tailbacks, don't they?

A: Yeah, Ware, he's a pretty good back. He's pretty fast. All of them were pretty good. We didn't do a good job tackling. We were there at the ball, and we just didn't do a good job tackling.

Q: Did you try to make any adjustments at halftime?

A: We made a couple of adjustments, throwing in a couple more blitzes or whatever. But it seemed like every time we blitzed, they paused and checked off to something else. They just had a pretty good game plan.

Q: Kevin Joyce has been playing well, would you say?

A: I thought Kevin Joyce played a great game today, maybe the best since he's been here. I know he hasn't had a lot of chances to play. Today when he was in, he was very productive.

Q: When they run it and run it successfully on you like they did today, and you can't seem to stop it, does frustration set in?

A: It gets frustrating at times, but you can't really blame anybody when you're missing tackles or missing assignments. You can't blame anybody but yourself. It's frustrating, but you've just got to go to the next play and do what you didn't do the last play.

Cassen Jackson-Garrison, freshman running back: 5 carries, 37 yards

Q: This was your first time to play a lot. Talk about your thoughts on the game.

A: First of all, I was really nervous, but after the first little play I was good. I just tried to look at it as a high school game. It ain't really that big of a deal now. You just try to view them as a high school game, where it won't really be that intimidating.

Q: Do you feel like you have your blocking assignments down now?

A: Yeah, I think I'm doing a pretty good job of that right now. It took a little while to get that down, but once I get it down, I think I'll do a pretty good job of that.

Q: When you come in and play at the college level as a true freshman, what's the hardest part for you to pick up? Is it blocking assignments?

A: It's probably just the blocking schemes. And then, the way the offense works is probably the hardest thing. I wouldn't say I know it well yet. Once I do, I think I'll do a really good job out there. There's still room for improvement.

Brian Kovolisky, senior offensive lineman:

Q: Did you all want to go for that fourth-and-1 right before the half?

A: We always want to go for it when it's short yardage like that. It feels like we have confidence in our line. We feel like we can do it. But it's not our call. The coaches didn't want to give them good field position if we did get stopped.

Q: Could you talk about matching up with their offensive line, and how much speed they have?

A: Their front four, and even their linebacking corps is pretty good. They're a good team, very good. But I think our line did a pretty decent job against them.

Q: This is the start of a really tough stretch for you conference-wise. Jay said part of his responsibility is to keep the guys positive and keep them up. Do you feel the same way?

A: Yeah. We've got to stay positive. This is a big part of our schedule. We've got a lot of tough teams. We've just got to stay positive, keep doing the same thing we've been doing each week, and we'll try to get us a couple of victories. Top Stories