Pete's Pigskin Prognostications

What an extremely dull week in the SEC. (It must have been dull, since I picked all of the games correctly.) Not many questions answered this week, although a few were raised. Like, what's going on at South Carolina? They've gone from looking like competition for UTK to just another spring chicken.

(6-0 last week; 44-9 overall)

And can Georgia really run more than two plays in a row without a penalty? I hope everyone took my advice and bet the rent money on Georgia last week. The coming few weeks look pretty dull. The issue appears to be all but settled pitting Auburn and Tennessee in the title game. But the ball does take funny bounces sometimes, and the rest of the Tennessee players have to stay out of jail.

Somebody needs to give coach Bobby Johnson a math lesson. He says that since VU has lost three games by three points, VU is only 9 points away from having three more wins. In the NCAA, it takes MORE points against your opponent to notch a win, so VU is 12 points away from a 4-2 record. This ain't rocket science, Bobby.

Alabama @ Tennessee – Alabama is not experienced enough to fully exploit the sudden weakness in the Tennessee secondary at safety. The Orange's newly found Riggs-led running game and Ainge's ability to really come through in the clutch will lead the Vols to a narrow 27-24 win against the Tide.

Georgia @ Arkansas – Georgia should be able to sleepwalk through this game and win. They won't be able to win, however, if they are in a coma, like they have been the last two weeks. I believe they'll wake up and beat the Pigs 31-17.

Kentucky @ Auburn – Auburn is getting stronger and stronger, and Kentucky is still not very good. Auburn 35-7.

Florida @ Mississippi State – This game shouldn't be played before the kiddies go to bed. It'll be ugly, and might give the MSU folks nightmares. The big question? Will Florida beat MSU worse than they beat VU on November 6? Fla 66, MSU 3.

Troy State @ LSU – Troy State is a small school wanna-be. They will wanna-be out of Baton Rouge by halftime. This should be a useful predictor of how bad Vandy will get beat next week. LSU 42, TSU 14.

Eastern Kentucky @ Vanderbilt – Scary game to pick. Vandy has a history of playing like dog poo against lower division schools, though they usually wind up winning. This year, though, who knows? I can't bring myself to pick against the Commodores. I really think that they are better than their record indicates. Vandy 35, EKU 17.

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