Vanderbilt, Media Have Shoot-out

Three weeks ago, baseball Coach Tim Corbin invited the media to participate in a homerun derby at Hawkins Field. Friday afternoon, men's basketball Coach Kevin Stallings followed suit with a 3-point shooting contest in Memorial Gym.

First Coach Stallings explains the rules. Each member of the media will be paired up with one of the players. Since there only 13 players are available to play (Davis Nwankowo still being sidelined with an ankle injury) and 15 media people who want to compete, Coach Stallings and James Strong, former player and current Video Coordinator, also participate.

In the preliminary round, each pair will shoot ten shots. First the media representative will shoot five, then the player will take his turn. Instead of rotating around the arc, all shots will be from the top of the key. "If I'm shooting, we're not going to be moving," quipped Coach Stallings.

After the preliminary round, four pairs will advance to the semi-finals, then two pairs will advance to the final.

After the ground rules are laid out, it's time to pair off. The players stand to one side, the media to the other. The names of media guys are written on slips of paper, and one-by-one, the players draw names out of a head to determine who their partners will be.

Freshman Alan Metcalfe takes his turn in the preliminary round.

Naturally, there's a lot of interest - especially among the players -- when Coach steps to the line.

Tony Lane, Vanderbilt beat writer for the Nashville City Paper, and his partner Alex "Red" Gordon advanced to the semi-finals.

Red makes a shot in the semi-final round.

Corey Smith and Bryan Mullen, the Vanderbilt beat writer for the Tennessean, advance to the finals. Here, Bryan sets up for a shot.

But team of Julian Terrell and Rudy Kalis, longtime sports anchor at WSMV, are the champs, and Rudy accepts his prize - an autographed jersey.

* * * *

Photos by WhitneyD Copyright 2004 for Top Stories