Pete's Pigskin Prognostications

This is turning out to be a real dud of a season in the SEC. Two teams have separated themselves from the pack, and everybody else is just wallowing in mire. There is only one really meaningful game left (Georgia at Auburn) and it's not 'til next week. Everything else is just window dressing. But college football is still fun, be it Tennessee-Auburn or Vandy-Kentucky. I'll watch and speculate on whatever is happening.

Mississippi State @ Alabama – MSU has a two-game winning streak in the SEC going, but that's about as far as it's going to go. Back to the real world, guys. Tide by 17.

Arkansas @ South Carolina – Two of the bigger disappointments in the league get together in Columbia. Both had high hopes going into the season, and both have sputtered to mediocrity. South Carolina by 10.

Georgia @ Kentucky – The Mildcats only scored 7 points against Mississippi State. The rumor that Georgia will play only David Pollack and 10 managers on defense is unfounded, but they could. Georgia 42, Kentucky 10.

Notre Dame @ Tennessee – The Golden Domers versus the Great Pumpkins. The Vols will win this game if Ainge stays healthy. All bets are off if he gets banged up and out of the game. I'm thinking the offensive line will take care of business and protect him at all costs. UTK 31, Our Lady 21.

Florida @ Vanderbilt – I can't figure out why Vandy is not getting beaten by 40 or 50 points. The offense is erratic and the defense can't seem to stop anybody. But somehow, they manage to keep the scores, if not respectable, at least not embarrassing. Hypothesis: the coaching staff a VU is frankly playing for moral victories. Gators 51, VU 10.

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