Pete's Pigskin Prognostications

I was 4-1 again last week, but I think I ought to get partial credit for the UTK pick. To quote from last week "Tennessee will win this game if Ainge stays healthy. All bets are off if he gets banged up and out of the game." That's exactly what happened, though the real story of the game is UTK's 9 rushes for 0 or less yards (excluding sacks!) and Riggs failure to make 4th and 1. I thought only Vandy had stats like that.

(4-1 last week; 57-12 overall)

This week has some good watchable games. I'm glad VU is on the road, so I can do the couch potato thing.

Alabama @ LSU – Both teams have had inexplicable losses. Neither has had a big win. When in doubt, take the home team. LSU 21, Alabama 17.

Mississippi @ ArkansasOle Miss has had a week off to prepare for the Pigs. It won't help. The Razorbacks are at home and really mad about last week's close loss to South Carolina. Arkansas 27, Mississippi 14.

Georgia @ Auburn – Georgia has the potential to win this game. To paraphrase Winston Churchill "Nothing is so common as a team with potential." Auburn can smell the goal line, and will run over Georgia like Herschel Walker did to his SEC foes. Auburn by 12.

South Carolina @ Florida – Florida looked horrible against VU, and still won by 17, without punting the ball a single time. If they can hold onto the pigskin they can win. The team has had enough time to become reconciled to Zook's ouster, and will play well. Florida 31. Gamecocks 27.

Vanderbilt @ Kentucky – This is game three of the battle for the best of the worst. I really don't want to try to pick this game. The question is, can Vandy's awful defense offset Kentucky's awful offense. This game might end up 3-2. Vandy should score at least twice in the second half, and the defense will stop the Mildcats offense just enough to eke out a 17-13 win.

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