Pete's Pigskin Prognostications

Last week was a great week to be a college football watcher in the SEC. Only one blowout, and that one was spiced up with a nice game-ending (and bowl-terminating) brawl. Speaking of violence in sports, I have a theory: It's the hockey strike. There's a natural law that requires a certain amount of extraneous violence in sports during the year. With the NHL not available to absorb the requirement, it spills over into real sports.

Look for game ending brawls in volleyball and bowling next. (Golfers are so tight-lipped there's not much possibility there. Yawn.)

(5-1 last week; 66-14 overall)

Arkansas vs. LSU (at Little Rock Friday) – Arkansas barely snuck by MSU last week, with the alleged complicity of the zebras. Arkansas won't be sneaking by anybody this week, as LSU tries to salvage a hum-drum (for them) season. LSU 27, Arkansas 20.

Georgia Tech @ Georgia – The Dawgs will be trying to salvage a season marred by two high-profile and disastrous losses. No problem, but as usual Tech will be a much tougher foe than expected. Georgia 35, Tech 27.

Kentucky @ Tennessee – Vandy delivered a wake-up call to the Vols last week. The big orange will be fully awake and ready to kick some serious Mildcat butt this week.

UTK 45, UK 13.

Mississippi State @ Mississippi – State says they have been screwed by the refs all year. After seeing the treatment perennial underdog Vandy has gotten over the last 40 years, I side with Mr. Croom on this one. Both of these teams are 3-7, so the lack of interest outside of die-hard fans of both teams rivals that of Vandy-Kentucky. MSU has played well lately, and Ole Miss has been abysmal. Mississippi State has improved over the course of the year, and Mississippi has deproved. My last pick of the regular season is a mild upset. MSU 24, Mississippi 17.

Oh Yeah…..Auburn over UTK in the SEC championship game 35-24.

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