VandyMania Video: Commodores vs Ducks

VandyMania has compiled a gallery of 17 video clips from Saturday's 65-55 loss in Portland, OR to the Ducks. Check out the 3-point shots by Mario Moore and Corey Smith. A driving lay up by Jason Holwerda. Three DeMarre Carroll scores and clips involving Julian Terrell, Dawid Przybyszewski, Ted Skuchas and coach Kevin Stallings.

VIDEO Oregon's Aaron Brooks hits a 3-point shot.

VIDEO DeMarre Carroll drives and scores.

VIDEO Carroll hits a short shot.

VIDEO Carroll makes a lay up.

VIDEO Dawid Przybyszewski scores.

VIDEO Jason Howerda scores a lay up.

VIDEO Howerda gets another lay up.

VIDEO Mario Moore for 3!

VIDEO Moore for 3 . . . again.

VIDEO Moore drives and scores.

VIDEO Moore shoots free throws.

VIDEO Ted Skuchas fouled while shooting.

VIDEO Corey Smith hits the 3.

VIDEO Smith scores on a put back.

VIDEO Julian Terrell hits a two pointer.

VIDEO Terrell is fouled.

VIDEO Stallings disgusted. Top Stories