Jovan Haye ranked well among defensive ends

A priority position every April, teams will give up the farm to move to the front of the draft for a coveted defensive end. Pass rushing linemen that can also defend the run are always a hot commodity on draft day. The '05 senior crop at defensive end is a solid one and will be greatly enhanced by some terrific underclassmen.


#  Name School Yr Comments
1 Mathias Kiwanuka Boston College 4Jr Impact defender with an unlimited amount of upside for the next level.  Disrupts the offense consistently making plays behind the line of scrimmage.  Will only get better in time.
2 David Pollack Georgia 4Sr Complete lineman that goes hard every down.  Limited by size and may only thrive in certain systems but an asset to have on a roster in every way.
3 Marcus Spears LSU 4Sr Terrific athlete and complete defender that stuffs the run or rushes the passer.  Possesses a huge upside.
4 Erasmus James Wisconsin 5Sr Returned from injury and had an enormous senior campaign.  One of the best pure pass rusher's in next April's draft and a solid right end prospect for the next level.
5 Justin Tuck Notre Dame 4Jr Outstanding athlete constantly blowing up the opositions plays.  Possesses tremendous upside for the next level.
6 Dan Cody Oklahoma 5Sr Tenacious defender that continually goes hard making plays behind the line of scrimmage.
7 Chris Canty Virginia 5Sr One of the better two-gap prospects in the nation prior to blowing out his knee.  Solid left defensive end at the next level once he rehabs the injury.
8 Matt Roth Iowa 4Sr High revving, nonstop prospect with a good head for the position.  Best in a system which rotates the front four.
9 Eric Henderson Georgia Tech 4Jr Outstanding pass rusher that makes a lot of plays behind a lot of scrimmage.
10 Loren Howard Northwestern 3Jr Intelligent defender that stands out as a pass rusher.  Struggled with injury this season.
11 George Gause South Carolina 4Sr Terrific athlete that displays brilliance on occasion.
12 Jovan Haye Vanderbilt 4Jr Excellent pass rusher with good head for the position.  Undersized and may have shot gun early declaring for the draft.
13 Vincent Burns Kentucky 5Sr Small but explosive and very tough.
14 Adell Duckett Texas Tech 5Sr Typical Red Raider defensive end; undersized yet explosive with the ability to make plays behind the line of scrimmage.
15 Eric Moore Florida State 4Sr Athletic edge rusher that also makes plays in pursuit.  May project to outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense.
16 Chauncey Davis Florida State 4Sr Outstanding athlete who must learn to become a complete football player.
17 James Davis Virginia Tech 5Sr Flashes skill as a complete defensive lineman yet had his college career play with injury and inconsistency.
18 Johnny Jolly Texas A&M 3Jr  
19 Jonathan Welsh Wisconsin 5Sr  
20 Bill Swancutt Oregon State 4Sr  
21 Brady Poppinga BYU 4Sr Collegiate defender that makes a lot of plays behind the line of scrimmage.  Used at linebacker in the Cougars 3-4 defense this season, a position he projects well to at the next level.
22 Devan Long Oregon 4Jr  
23 Kevin Huntley Kansas State 5Sr  
24 Jonathan Jackson Oklahoma 4Sr outside linebacker?
25 Clifford Dukes Michigan State 5Sr outside linebacker?
26 Simon Fraser Ohio State 4Sr  
27 Tyson Smith Iowa State 5Sr outside linebacker?
28 James Wyche Syracuse 3Jr Terrific athlete with the ability to be a disruptive force.  Must pull the pieces together and turn the intensity up.
29 John Denney BYU 5Sr  
30 Walter Curry Albany State 5Sr  
31 David McMillan Kansas 5Sr  
32 Jimmy Verdon Arizona State 5Sr  
33 Mike O'Brien Illinois 5Sr  
34 Jay Ratliff Auburn 4Sr  
35 Bernard Thomas Nebraska 4Sr  
36 Will Thompson Georgia 5Sr  
37 Vontrell Jamison Clemson 4Sr  
38 Adrian Awasom North Texas 4Sr  
39 Khari Long Baylor 5Sr  
40 Jason Capers South Carolina 5Sr  
41 Parys Haralson Tennessee 3Jr  
42 Jeb Huckeba Arkansas 4Sr  
43 Kevin Carberry Ohio 4Sr  
44 Kyle Budinscak Notre Dame 5Sr  
45 Karlton Neal Tennessee 5Sr  
46 Pat Goodpaster Colorado St 5Sr  
47 Chris Mooney Delaware 5Sr  
48 Jason Kaufusi Utah 5Sr  
49 Claude Sanders Fresno State 5Sr  
50 Phillip Mettling Boston College 5Sr  
51 Jamus Martin Marshall 5Sr  
52 Dwayne LeFall Akron 5Sr  
53 Trent Cole Cincinnati 4Sr  
54 Josh Chrestman Illinois State 4Sr  
55 Bret Eddins Auburn 5Sr  
56 Phillip Alexander Duke 4Sr  
57 Maurice Fountain Clemson 4Sr  
58 Terence Taylor Villanova 4Sr  
59 John Bronson Penn State 5Sr  
60 Chris Solomona Oregon 5Sr  
61 Manase Hopoi Washington 4Sr  
62 Pat Pau Maine 4Sr  
63 Brandon Guillory La-Monroe 5Sr  
64 Joe Abell South Dakota St 5Sr  
65 Darius Jones Wisconsin 5Sr  
66 Clarence Denning Fresno State? 3Jr  

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