Ashley Earley joins elite 1,000-point club

After Vanderbilt's 91-37 victory over the University of New Orleans Lady Privateers Thursday, VandyMania spoke with senior co-captain Ashley Earley, who scored her 1000th point as a Commodore on her way to a career-high 26 points.


VandyMania: Big night for you - your thousandth point. Were you aware that you were approaching that?

Ashley: Yeah. In practice the other day Kerwin [Media Relations Director Kerwin Lonzo] let me know that I was kind of close.

VandyMania: Were you aware in the game of when it happened? Did anybody tell you?

Ashley: No, they didn't let me know. Coach said she didn't even know. I wasn't really too concerned with it. I knew I was close, and I knew it would happen eventually.

VandyMania: Coming into the game, was the focus for the game?

Ashley: We were pretty much just focused on taking care of us. Coming in here, we knew they hadn't won any games thus far, and when you play a team like that, you just try to come in and play your game and get better, and that's what we were thinking coming in.

VandyMania: Tell me about the difference in the two halves.

Ashley: We had a specific game plan coming in, and we weren't executing that in the first half -

VandyMania: What kind of things were you planning for?

Ashley: I think the first one was ball pressure, and we weren't pressuring the ball. I think we average forcing teams into 30+ turnovers, and they only had about eight or so in the first half. Another was limiting fouls, and we put them in the bonus early, and the other thing was rebounding, and we gave them a lot of offensive boards.

We really tried in the second half to come out and adjust and fix that, and I think we did a good job of that. We're getting a lot better adjusting in the middle of games. Early on, in this season - you can look at Western Kentucky, the game that we lost. We didn't adjust, and I think this game, we came out and did a good job of adjusting. From the starters to the people off the bench, there wasn't a gap. There wasn't a difference. I think that's another thing we're getting better at.

VandyMania: The second half there was a 14-0 Ashley Earley run. How does that feel?

Ashley: In the first half, I missed a lot of shots, I should have made. The shots just fell the second half, I think - -just going out and being aggressive, and my teammates were finding me, and I was open.

VandyMania: Have you had a chance to do any fun things in New Orleans?

Ashley: Um . . no. Before the game, you're focused on the game, so we've been pretty much sleeping all the time or eating. (Laughs.)

VandyMania: Are you going to get a chance to do anything?

Ashley: I know we're going to dinner. We don't want to get out too much tonight and anybody get hurt, or anything. There are a lot of people down here for New Year's and there are also some football teams, players, here.

VandyMania: Kwane Doster was shot and killed this week. Did that affect your team?

Ashley: It really did. I think we all found out the next day, and a lot of us were close - well, not necessarily close, but we knew him. We were acquaintances with him. It did affect us. It hit a couple of people hard, and we're all praying for his family and his teammates. It was so sudden, so tragic, and you just really stop and focus. It could have been any one of us. He was just in a car on break with his friends. It's sad. You can't really say much.

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