Views from the locker room

Senior Corey Smith met with the media after Vanderbilt's disappointing 68-59 loss to Georgia Saturday. The senior came off the bench to lead Vandy with 13 points and 8 rebounds in the loss.


Q: Can you think of a more disappointing loss in your career here?

A: No, I really can't. When a team is down on themselves like Georgia, having the record that they have, you kinda don't want to be the team that gets them on an uptick, and kinda gets their confidence up. I just think for the most part we probably came out and underestimated them, and it hurt us at the end.

Q: They were down to begin with. When a guy like Stukes gets hurt, it almost seems too easy. Was that something that made it worse?

A: I think so. We said, they don't have one of their good players, Stukes, and when you seem him hurt, you kind of underestimate them even more. I think that hurt us at the end. We just kind of, as Coach said, waded into the game instead of just going out there and taking it to them, expecting to win. When a team is at home, and they have the crowd behind them, they make a few shots, get that momentum behind them, it's tough to stop a team like that. I think that's a lesson we'll learn. We'll just know next time.

Q: Can you talk about that play where, with the shot clock ticking down, and Brophy launches a three from way behind the arc, and that sends them on a ten-point spurt right there.

A: Man, that just... we've been on the other end of the stick before, but it just doesn't feel good. You play your heart out to come back, and as soon as you tie the game up, they hit a sucky shot like that. But you just can't blame it on shots like that. We have to blame it on the whole game. If we had come out with the intensity level we've bee playing with, and played up to our capabilities, that shot wouldn't have mattered.

Q: In the second half it seemed like they were going to you a lot. It seemed like you had a mismatch on the guy that was guarding you. They seemed to be trying to pound it in to you. Was that my imagination, or was that part of the strategy? And if so, why do you think that didn't work?

A: Yeah, that was kind of a strategy. I hit a couple of buckets inside, got my confidence up, and Coach wanted to keep going to keep going down there. If a guy's hot, you keep feeding him. That's been the whole story. But we've got to do other things other than that. I think we waited too late to make a rally.

Q: For the third straight game, the outside shots haven't been falling that much. Have things just kind of gone cold, or have teams just been playing better perimeter defense?

A: I think the better teams in the SEC prepare for that. A team would be real non-intelligent to let us win with our strengths. I think it's kind of up to us to kind of go to practice and find other aspects of our game in order to win. If we establish the inside presence, I think that will kind of open up the threes again. Right now teams are just playing us around the three-point line, and they're not really playing us inside. We haven't really shown we're a force to be reckoned with inside. That's something we need to do and work on. As soon as we get that together, I think we'll be back on track.

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