Hahnfeldt: Vanderbilt was best fit

Nashville kicker/punter <B>Bryant Hahnfeldt</b> became Vanderbilt's 22nd commitment Monday. He will sign next Wednesday, but will likely not report to school until January, 2006. The Montgomery Bell Academy product talks about what led him to choose the Commodores over Tennessee, and how his big decision went down.


Q: Bryant, you went into your Vanderbilt official visit weekend without an offer, but they ended up giving you an offer, right?

Bryant Hahnfeldt: Right. We went in hoping they would give us an offer. We thought they would. We had a meeting with Coach Johnson and talked with him about it. It was a grayshirt offer, so I would start in January, unless something pops up in between now and next fall.

Q: But you decided to think it over a little bit. You didn't tell them yes right away, right?

A: Right. I'd been through a lot with Coach [MBA's Jeff] Rutledge over here, and my kicking coach, and I felt like they deserved to know before I made any final decisions. I talked with them about it all, and they were thrilled for me. But it ultimately came down to what I wanted, and what fit me best. I made a sheet with plusses for both UT and Vandy, and in the end, Vandy is the best fit for me.

Q: Did you call Tennessee to tell them about it? And what did they say?

A: Yeah, once I got my offer from Vandy, I called and told them I hadn't committed. I told them this is the best offer I've got right now, and it's what I'm probably going to do, unless y'all can guarantee me something. They said they'd call me back, but I haven't gotten a call back yet. But I think even if I did get a late offer from them, I've decided Vanderbilt is best for me.

Q: So you called Vanderbilt back to say you were definitely committed. What did they say?

A: Well, Coach [Ted] Cain was still kind of iffy on whether I was coming. But they were all excited about it. Last night I called, and we talked about the situation. I told them this was what I wanted to do, and today I called them and set up where the paperwork is going to be sent. They're excited about it, and so am I.

Q: Yeah, how are you feeling about it?

A: Oh, I'm pumped! It's a relief for me, because I don't have to constantly sit there and think, where am I going to go to college? Who's going to offer me? Who's going to do this? It's an awesome feeling.

Q: Were you either a Tennessee fan or a Vanderbilt fan growing up?

A: I was more of a Vanderbilt fan, being at MBA. I went to a lot of their games. Actually growing up I wasn't the biggest UT fan at all. But this year I went to their home opener against UNLV, and their game against Florida, and I started becoming a fan... and then all of a sudden I started being recruited by them. So I guess you could say I'm kind of a recent fan of them. But I've always been a Vandy fan.

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