Photo Gallery: Baylor 16, Vanderbilt 5

After shivering their way to a 9-4 win on Friday, the No. 19 Baylor Bears continued to dominate the No. 8-ranked Commodores on Saturday, winning with a decisive 16-5 victory. Here's an inside look, contributed by VandyMania reporter / photographer Katy Hamlett.


Right-hander Jeff Sues started for the first time this season, pitching only 3-1/2 innings.

Baylor's Josh Ford and Kyle Reynolds scored in the third inning to put the Bears up 4-0.

After giving up 8 runs, Sues was replaced by sophomore Stephen Shao in the middle of the fourth inning. Shao would be the second of four Commodore pitchers Saturday; freshman Ty Davis entered in the sixth inning, and freshman Cody Crowell took over in the eighth inning.

BU's Zach Dillon was safe at second after BU star Mike Pankratz singled to left field in the sixth inning. Baylor would go on to score five runs in the inning to go up 15-0.

Designated hitter Alex Feinberg singled to first and advanced to second and third on walks in the sixth inning. Feinberg was sent home on a Brian Hernandez single for the first Commodore run of the game.

Hernandez narrowly dodged a wild throw by the Baylor shortstop, sliding safely into second in the sixth inning. Hernandez was immediately replaced by pinch-runner Matt Buschmann, who scored the third run of the game on a single by Dominic De La Osa.

Baylor's Reynolds reached second and continued to third on an error by right-fielder Bill Kleinschrodt in the seventh inning.

Freshmen Adam Cronk pinch-hit for Brad French (who replaced first baseman Mike Baxter in the seventh inning) and struck out swinging in the ninth inning to end the 16-5 Baylor massacre. The Commodores' record stands at 12-2, with the third game of the series to follow on Sunday at 1 pm. Top Stories