Baseball: Practice Photo Story

While some Vanderbilt students enjoyed spring break in exotic locations, it was business as usual last week for the Commodore baseball team. After one day off on Wednesday, the Commodores were back on Hawkins Field Thursday getting ready for Baylor, their toughest competition thus far in the season.

Star right-handed pitcher Jensen Lewis, who recently led the Commodores to seven scoreless innings against Ball State and pitched the opening of the Baylor series, talked to Vandy Mania about what goes in the daily practice routine.

Warm Ups

Catch Play "It's just what we do when we warm up before practice, just to see how far we can throw."

Stretches "Everybody gets in a circle and there are people that lead the stretches. It's a good time to make sure we're all loose and it's a little bit of a social hour."

The Informal Football Throw "This is an outfield drill about tracking the ball and going back on it."

Agilities "They're part of our pre-practice drills and pre-game warm up. They get your body warm. The hardest ones are the ladder and the high hurdles. But overall the hardest times are the first couple of times you do it."

Pre-practice Meeting "Coach huddles everybody up and talks to us before practice, letting us know what's going on that day. If we've got a game coming up he'll say things we need to keep in mind for the game."


Bunt Drills "This is usually right after agility stuff. Coach is really big on being able to sacrifice and bunt down. All the fielding players do this and pitchers are usually back in the bullpen working on our stuff."

Bullpen Work "This is pitchers doing arm work, stretching it out and stuff like that. A lot of it is defining small things. Everybody's got something they're working on. Our process is pretty comprehensive, we go over most everything you could think of, focusing in on things we've done well and things we need to work on."

Square Drill "This is probably my favorite because it gives pitchers a chance to hit. Buschmann and I have this on going rivalry (and I am definitely far of ahead of him). All the infielders get in their spots and go after downed balls. We do a round of double plays and slow rollers and bunt plays, just to improve thinking during the game."

Hit Drill "This is where coach hits the ball to simulate game situations for fielding practice for the pitchers. We go through double plays and stuff, practice throwing it to third and first."


Snack Time "This is Rote, probably eating a bar or something. Everybody has their own unique bar or food. For me it's Snickers, it's the only thing I can eat at practice. Fienberg's probably the guy with the most interesting snacks, he usually brings peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. But you know we've got any kind of bar you can find, the idea is just to get something that's quick and healthy."Writers note: Snickers is, of course, the healthiest snack out there.

Corbin Unplugged "This is just coach trying to get in Buschmann's head and David laughing at it.

"It doesn't matter what day it, coach always has this energizer bunny thing about him. You never have a day when you just go through the motions. It's fun to play for a guy like that because you know at every game you're either going to win or you're going to get better." Top Stories