Corbin discusses Mullins' status

The Tennessean reported Tuesday that Vanderbilt ace left-hander Ryan Mullins is facing a DUI charge. Will Mullins play again this season? Baseball coach Tim Corbin answered questions from the media about Mullins' status.

Q: Will Mullins be returning to the mound for the 'Dores this season?

A: He won't miss the season. I don't think that's a necessary punishment for him. I think it's one of those things I have to take in as a coach and see the circumstances and follow it and come up with something I think is fitting. I've met with him several times. Besides just missing the games there's a whole lot more things that he is taking part in that I have to see him go through to understand if he's moving along in the direction that I want him too.

More than anything else it was a mistake and he's a good kid, but I want to see him become resourceful. You don't want to see him continue to make the same mistake again because he is a high caliber college athlete.

Q: Were you more disappointed Mullins's decision he made as a human being or more disappointed in the impact his absence has had on the team?

A: I'd say both. I was disappointed in the decision making and the timing, our season was going along pretty well. I thought it was careless because he's an older player and has a lot riding on the game of baseball. But also he has an obligation to his teammates which is the most important thing. That's the overriding factor, I mean, everyone gets hurt by it: all the players, the coaches, the managers, everyone that has a heart in this baseball program is hurt by it. He's human and feels bad about that, but he didn't feel bad enough to stop himself from making that decision. That is where his youth comes in and that's something he needs to correct.

Q: Have you talked to your guys about these things before the season and on an ongoing basis about making decisions?

A: If I pat myself on the back for teaching these guys anything it's social development skills and people skills personal issues as much for these kids as anything. It all has an effect on being a teammate. Yeah, I spend a lot of time on it. I take it as a personal blow when something like this happens because I feel like I haven't done a good enough job. I look at myself first and ask 'did I do a good enough job? Does it mean enough what I say to these kids or do they shut their ears at certain things?'

I had a long talk with the kids about the whole situation. It's one of those things that happens and kids will be kids but in my mind a Vanderbilt baseball player is a cut above. And when you mistake like that it hurts. It hurts me and it hurts the entire team.

Q: What are some of the things you're going to have him do before he comes back?

A: That's a little too personal. He and I are going to work together, I'm going to work him through some of these issues and help him gain some confidence and get him back on his feet. I think along those lines he's got some things to work on with his teammates too and that's just going to take time. How someone comes back from this you'll never within a day or two days.

Q: Is there a timetable in regards to his return?

A: No it's just when the timing is right, that's how I feel about it. It certainly won't be based on wins and losses, that's something I've never cared about. I mean I won't say 'oh we've lost three games, oh we need him back.' Could he have helped this weekend, of course he could have. By him not being here it creates a whole different dynamic on the pitching staff. But that's completely away of my thinking on him and how he's moving along personally. Once I see enough positive things and I see him coming around then I'll make the adjustment. So there is no timetable. There should never be a standard rule for someone who gets into that problem. It's all different and you have to treat each case differently.

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