Jason Holwerda, Corey Smith talk about IU win

After Vanderbilt 67-60 win over Indiana on Wednesday night, seniors Jason Holwerda and Corey Smith talked to VandyMania.

Corey Smith

Q: It seemed Indiana was a little bit stunned in the beginning. Did you sense any kind of shock from them the way you guys came out and just clicked early?

Corey Smith: I did. I figured that they'd expect us to come out kind of down and lackadaisical. We came out and played hard and I think that kind of surprised them.

Q: Did you guys talk about parlaying the defensive game plan onto the floor? Is that something you talked about together?

Corey Smith: Definitely that is something we talked about. It's mostly a mental thing. We all talked about what we have to do. Coming out of the Auburn game we didn't want to end our season on a bad note. We wanted to come out and correct things and I think that is something we did today.

Q: Talk about being a senior and every game being your last. We saw is last season with Matt, Scott and Russ. Now it's your turn. It's different because it's the NIT but is it the same kind of mindset?

Corey Smith: Yes, it is. I think young guys concentrate and look up to veterans. Being a senior you hold that responsibility to lead the team and kind of set a trend that is going to last through the rest of the season and I think that is something that Jason, Dawid and I did tonight.

Q: When you were a freshman you guys beat your hometown Houston Cougars in the first round of the NIT. Now, as a senior, you've come up here and beat Indiana, a storied basketball program. Which win do you think was bigger to you, personally?

Corey Smith: Me personally, I think Houston. Being from Houston and them choosing not to recruit me made it kind of a little payback type deal but you know, you have to keep it straight professional. In the back of my mind, I knew it was personal but you have to show it as business.

Jason Holwerda

Q: What does this mean to you as a senior to come in here and beat Indiana?

Jason Holwerda: It's a privilege. We are happy to be here. We'd like to be in the other tournament but we are here, that's the card we have been dealt so we make the most of our situation. We came in here and played a tough team and are fortunate enough to get a win.

Q: What happened on the dunk there, I saw you [laughing] and it looked like you were going to rip down the back board.

Jason Holwerda: The lack there of a dunk [laughs]. I think he just got the best of me and made a good play. I just went up and did the best I could and he made a good play. More power to him.

Q: So where do you guys go from here? Are you like, wow, we beat Indiana, we're done.

Jason Holwerda: No, we're pretty hungry right now. We are going to take advantage of this opportunity and hopefully play in New York in a few weeks. We are going to go back tomorrow and get back to work.

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