Baseball: Mississippi State takes series, 5-1

MSU (13-3, 2-1) defeated the Commodores (14-5, 1-2) in a 5-1 victory to win the series 2-1 Sunday at Dudy Noble Stadium.

Bulldog starting pitcher sophomore GA Tech transfer Jon Crosby pitched six innings and held the Commodores to one run in his first SEC start of his career.

VU's Antoan Richardson batted in the only run of the game in the fifth inning, sending Aaron Garza home on a single. The run put the Commodores within two at 3-1, the closest they would get to MSU in Sunday's contest.

Aaron Garza advanced to second on
a throwing error. Garza went on
to score the 'Dores only run
of the game.

The Commodores earned six base hits but were unable to penetrate the Bulldogs' defense to score.

"We had a lot of opportunities to get momentum but we just didn't take them," Richardon explained.

VU starting pitcher Matt Buschmann pitched four innings, giving up five runs. Freshmen David Price relieved Buschmann in the fifth inning after MSU's Jeff Butts went home on a double by Brad Croley for MSU's final score of the game.

"I was really happy with what David Price did," Corbin explained. "He came in and he threw the ball well. We've got some decisions to make with him [for upcoming games]."

David Price relieved Buschmann in
the fifth inning for his second
appearance in the series.

Price struck out his first hitter of the game and was able to hold the Bulldogs back for three innings. Price gave up only two hits in fifty pitches.

Senior right-hander Ryan Rote pitched the final inning for the Commodores surrendering just one base hit and keeping the Bulldogs at 5-1.

"We pitched well enough to win. We just didn't execute when we need too," Richardson said.

First basemen power hitter Mike Baxter, fourth in the batting line-up, continued to struggle offensively. Baxter earned no hits and no RBIs in Sunday's contest. Defensively, Baxter received harsh words from Corbin after making the run to first for a tag out while MSU's Brian LaNinfa crossed home plate.

"It was just not a good series for Baxter," Corbin said.

The Commodores had four three-up/down innings, including the ninth inning with pinch hitter Stephen Shao grounding out to end the game.

"I can't really sit here and honestly tell you that I like the offensive make-up of our team. Going into this I thought that maybe we'd have a chance to be better down the road," Corbin said. "We'll have to do something to kind of shake our group up and I really don't know what that is yet. But that's what a five hour bus ride is for."

MSU advanced to third base on
an error by Matt Buschmann.

Defensively the Commodores had one error in the contest. A misjudged throw in the second inning by Buschmann allowed Joseph Hunter to advance to third and later score the first run of the game.

"I mean, you'd like to win a series, and I hate to say this, but if you get one it's better than none," Corbin said. "We saw the same thing two years ago. We'll just have to get back and regroup and know that we've got tough SEC games ahead."

The Commodores will be back at Hawkins Field Tuesday night to host Tennessee Tech's Golden Eagles at 6 PM. VU's next SEC series will start Friday against Alabama at home. Top Stories