NFL Draft Review among college defensive ends that will be eligible for the draft."> NFL Draft Review among college defensive ends that will be eligible for the draft.">

Interview: Jovan Haye

VandyMania talked with former Vanderbilt defensive end Jovan Haye about his performance at the NFL combines. Haye is currently ranked #20 by the <a href="">NFL Draft Review</a> among college defensive ends that will be eligible for the draft.

VandyMania: Talk to us about what you been doing the past few weeks getting ready for the NFL.

Jovan Haye: Just training out in Tempe, Ariz. at a place call API Athletes Performance. Training with my personal trainers; Darrell, Luke and Paul. They've been running me through position drills and getting me faster and looser.

VandyMania: What combines have you actually attended?

Jovan Haye: The official 2005 NFL combine in Indianapolis and my pro day. Those are the two main ones. The Pro Days are just the school you went to, your hometown school.

VandyMania: How have you come out? I've heard you've had good 40 times and great strength?

Jovan Haye: I've held my own at the combines. I don't sit back and relax, I just put forth my best effort and let the rest be.

VandyMania: Who has been talking to you as far as teams and scouts?

Jovan Haye: [laughs] Some of everybody. It's just a process. They are just trying to see if I'm the right guy. I just talk to them and see what they have to offer and show them what I have to offer.

VandyMania: I noticed that you are wearing a Chargers shirt. Is there a reason for that? Did you buy that or was it given to you?

Jovan Haye: No, at the combine teams give out certain team apparel. I met with the Chargers so I'm just wearing their equipment. Nothing against any other team. I wear their equipment too.

VandyMania: So what are all the so called "experts" telling you now? First round, second round, free agent?

Jovan Haye: There is all kinds of talk but I just leave that alone. I'm not too concerned right now. I'm just trying to work out in front of these scouts. They ultimately determine where I go in the draft. I just sit back and enjoy the process.

VandyMania: You've been showing support to your former teammates and coaches by attending spring practices. How have they been supporting you?

Jovan Haye: I've heard nothing but good things from the scouts as far as what the coaches have been saying about me. I'm still supporting the staff and my teammates. I did come here to help turn the program around. I wouldn't turn my back on these guys. I wish them the best of luck. I know they are behind me and I'm totally behind them.

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