Interview: Kevin Joyce

VandyMania talked with outside linebacker Kevin Joyce about his tackling technique and the linebacker corps. The junior hit man has raised some eye brows during spring practice with his bone crushing tackles.

VandyMania: What are you thinking out there when you see that running back coming at you? You're just going to stop him or kill him; what is on your mind?

Kevin Joyce: It's probably the second one you said. If you play defense that is your main goal to put your head on the ball and knock out the person that is carrying it.

VandyMania: You obviously are doing well at tackling. What advice would you give other players who want to improve on their technique?

Kevin Joyce: You can't be worried about if it is going to hurt or not. You just got to put all of your energy and anger into the person you are about to hit.

VandyMania: What are your thoughts on the Vanderbilt linebacker corps this year?

Kevin Joyce: Our line backing corps is looking really deep, we've got plenty of guys that can play. At the SAM spot we have Marcus Buggs and me. Buggs is just as capable as I am there. At the WILL spot you have Moses Osemwegie, Curtis Gatewood and Darnell Martemus. At MIKE you have Jonathan Goff and Otis Washington who are plenty capable of making plays there.

VandyMania: As a unit, what is your goal for 2005?

Kevin Joyce: To become better at stopping the run. We didn't do too well against that this year. We didn't do too well against pass either. I think we need to focus more on getting them stopped on the run and then we'll worry about the pass.

VandyMania: What do you feel is the mindset of the team right now after coming off a couple of disappointing seasons?

Kevin Joyce: Same as last year's focus, they want to win and we just have to work on finishing it this year. We were in so many games last year and we just couldn't come through in the fourth quarter. This year we are all focused on the finish. Top Stories