Alabama lineman has first offer

One of the biggest offensive lineman in the state of Alabama is <b>Robert Drum</b> from Spain Park. After playing one year of high school football, Drum was selected to play in the North-South Junior All-Star game, and he has received his first offer. Vanderbilt is in the mix for this promising prospect.

"I received my first offer towards the end of February from Georgia Tech. Alabama, Auburn, Vanderbilt, Florida, and Nebraska are the other schools showing a lot of interest. I have received over ten written letters from each of those schools," said Robert Drum.

"Last year was my first year to play football. I weighed 220 pounds. I started working out and eating right. I am now 6-7, 275. I went over to Georgia Tech for Junior Day in late February. We arrived late, and there were only about 9-10 people there. All of them had offers from Georgia Tech. I called the offensive line coach, and he came and met with us. We were able to spend a lot of one-on-one time. He let me know I had a scholarship," Drum added.

The Yellow Jackets made a strong impression with the Birmingham native. 

"I thought they had great facilities. They have a good program. I think they have made a bowl game the past eight years. I am very interested in them."

When asked about favorites, Drum replied, "I don't really have an actual list of favorite schools, but Alabama is leading overall right now. I really like their tradition and history. Their facilities are one of the main things I like. They are always in the top twenty. They are going to have a really good team this year. I went to Tuscaloosa for Junior Day. I had a great time."

The Spain Park offensive lineman tripped to the Plains for A-Day. 

"I went to Auburn's A-Day a few weeks ago. It was very exciting. We left at half time, but we were able to walk through the locker room and see what the players were doing. That was really neat. I am either going to head over to Georgia Tech or Vanderbilt for their spring game."

Drum has the job protecting one of the south's top quarterbacks, Neil Caudle. Drum knows what he must improve before next season. The mammoth lineman also recognizes his strengths.

"I really want to work on my run blocking. I am really good at pass blocking, and getting out on screens. I have only played one year, so I know I have a lot to work on," replied Drum.

Drum is interested in winning, and knows what factors will play into his college decision.

"The main thing is going somewhere we would win a lot of games. I want to go to a strong program. The academics and the facilities will also play a major role. I don't know when I will make a decision. I want to be 100% sure when I do though."

Drum plans to camp at Alabama and Auburn. Top Stories