Prospect Profiles for Tant, Morris, Geisinger

Matthew Tant, Justin Geisinger, and Dominique Morris get evaluated by's TFY Draft Preview. Tant and Morris declared for the draft and forfeited their final seasons of eligibility at Vanderbilt. Veteran starter Geisinger will graduate after playing all four years.

Matthew Tant School: Vanderbilt
Ht: 5-10 Wt: 235 40: 4.77 Year: 4Jr

Bio: Three-year starter who leaves school a year early after posting 26/109/2 on the ground while adding nine receptions.

Positives: Aggressive, hard-working blocker with good field awareness. Bends his knees playing with leverage, quick off the snap and explosive at the point of attack. Lays his shoulders into opponents working blocks and redirects nicely to defenders. Picks up stunts or twists thrown by opponents, helps the quarterback sell ball fakes and possesses a burst of speed. Solid footwork in pass protection.

Negatives: Ducks his head and as a result missed blocks. Not a strong runner who picks up much yardage off initial contact. Has difficulty finishing.

Analysis: Undersized for a true fullback, Tant has potential as a triple threat player at the position. Needs to physically mature, yet a solid role player at the next level when hitting on all cylinders.

Dominique Morris School: Vanderbilt
Ht: 5-11 Wt: 190 40: 4.55 Year: 4Jr

Bio: Two year starter who posted 58/2/5 as a junior after leading the team with three interceptions and eight defenses passes the prior year.

Positives: Aggressive cornerback best facing the action. Quick moving up the field to support the run, helps out defending screens and not afraid to mix it up. Reads the action, stays with assignments and possesses an explosive break on the throw. Does a good job in zone and rarely challenged by opposing quarterbacks.

Negatives: Not effective in man coverage situations. Raw in many aspects of his game.

Analysis: An underclassman who should have stayed in school one more season, Morris possesses a lot of tools to work with but is far from the finished product. Unlikely to be selected in the draft yet could be developed on a team's practice squad.

Justin Geisinger School: Vanderbilt
Ht: 6-3.5 Wt: 322 40: 5.37 Year: 5Sr

Bio: Four-year starter at the left tackle position. Awarded varying degrees of All-Conference honors since his freshman campaign.

Positives: Powerful, wide-bodied college tackle who projects to guard at the next level. Nasty blocker who drives defenders off the line or seals them from the action with body positioning. Stays square, keeps defenders in front of him and effectively uses blocking angles. Knows what's happening on the field and helps out teammates. Quick off the snap into blocks and immediately sets in pass protection. Solid hand technician.

Negatives: Lacks blocking range and struggles sliding laterally. Lacks adjustment as well as the ability to redirect to opponents. Must learn to finish.

Analysis: A wide-bodied lineman with excellent weight room strength, Geisinger has done a solid job protecting the blind side at Vandy. Limited blocking range will force him inside, though he could develop into a productive starting guard in the right system.

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