Alabama star getting lots of attention

This current high school junior football prospect is receiving attention from SEC, ACC and other colleges. Vanderbilt is hotly pursuing this prospect.

Millbrook, Ala--Justin Bullard is a 6-1 1/2, 180-pound prospect from Stanhope-Elmore High School who is starting to receive a good bit of recruiting attention from football programs across the country.

"I don't have any offers yet, but I am hearing from Alabama, Auburn, Arkansas, Clemson, Duke, Florida State, Florida Atlantic, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Kentucky, LSU, Mississippi State, Southern Miss, Ole Miss, Notre Dame, Penn State, Tennessee, Middle Tennessee and Vanderbilt," Bullard says.

Bullard, who says he was timed at 4.5 in the 40-yard dash a couple of months ago, was a two-way player for Stanhope-Elmore during his junior season, however, he is being projected as a defender on the college level. "They have me do everything, but I if I go to college I guess it's going to be at safety," he notes.

"I started off at a slot wide receiver then about midway through the season we came up on some teams that like to throw the ball around so they moved me to safety," Bullard says about his junior campaign. "I wound up with about 50 tackles, I think. I had three picks. I had 10 or 15 pass deflections, but I am not real sure on those.

"On offense I had about 195 receiving yards on seven receptions. I am more of a deep threat. They don't really throw it to me a lot. We were mostly a running team and that is one reason the passing yards were down so much."

Justin Bullard

Despite only getting to play a limited amount of defense last season, Bullard explains that he believes he has already found the perfect place to display his skills on the college level. "Just tracking down the ball, I am more of a ball hawk," he says about his best attributes. "I like playing defense a lot more than offense. Overall, just playing defense and finding a quarterback running an option, those are my favorite parts of the game."

Even without currently having his first official offer on the table, Bullard says that he has certainly been enjoying recruiting. "It's great," he says. "The recruiting process is a fun thing. It is great to get all this publicity and see yourself on the internet and stuff like that."

However, he adds that he has already discovered that the process is something that he is going certainly going to have to take his time with. "I guess seeing all of these colleges offering new safeties it has kind of rotated on me some," Bullard explains. "At first I was looking at Alabama pretty hard, but now I am just looking at everybody. I am looking at anybody that wants me."

Bullard says that one reason he was looking at Alabama so hard was because he was a Crimson Tide fan growing up. "I was raised Alabama pretty hard. I am still looking forward to talking to Alabama, but I am not going to shut off all of these other colleges just because I was raised Alabama."

Whether he is a fan or not, the defensive prospect says that he knows what he is looking for from a football program and a college that he would like to attend for the next four to five years. "My biggest thing before I look at anything else I want to know that my coach wants me, my position coach in particular," he notes. "I want to know that he wants me, then I am going to look at coaching style, then location and academics."

The upcoming senior adds that he has already had the chance to check out some of the things that he is looking for at a few colleges during each of the teams' 15-session spring practice schedule. "I have been to Alabama, Auburn and Vanderbilt so far," he explains. "Alabama's junior day really impressed me. They had real nice facilities. I was real impressed with their campus up there.

"Auburn was pretty much the same way," Bullard continues. "They took us to the A-Day game and I got to talk with Coach Gibbs (defensive coordinator and secondary coach David Gibbs) a little bit and that was nice. He was my position coach. We toured the facilities and it was pretty nice--real nice really. They had a nice campus as well. I liked it.

"Then I went to Vanderbilt, and Vanderbilt as much as anybody, impressed me because they were real personable," he added. "Their coaches were very, very personable to me."

The talented defender adds that for a life-long Alabama fan getting the five-dollar tour of Auburn University and its football program seemed a bit odd at first. "I kind of felt like I was behind enemy lines, but at the same time they were real nice about it and they didn't really ask me if I was an Alabama fan or anything like that," Bullard says with a big laugh.

Along with his early spring travels, Bullard says that he is planning to be one of the busiest football players in the South this summer with his extensive camp schedule.

The ball-hawking safety explains that he has plans to attend the combine in Auburn on April 30th along with summer camps at Vanderbilt, Alabama, Mississippi State, Southern Miss., Florida State and Auburn and adds that he may also attend either the Georgia camp or the LSU camp as well. Top Stories