Prospect Pulse: Q&A with Ryan Klosterman

Ryan Klosterman, a 2004 fifth round selection by the Blue Jays, recently sat down with InsideTheDome to talk about the first twelve months of his professional baseball career. Klosterman is currently batting .225, however, is second on the team in RBI, with 16, and third with 3 homers. The shortstop also leads the team with 16 walks, and is posting a .389 on-base percentage.

InsideTheDome: Ryan, can you give us a quick scouting report on yourself?

Ryan Klosterman: I'm just an average all around player. I generally don't have too many holes in my game offensively or defensively. I just try to do everything well. I wouldn't say that I'm great at anything. I'm just an average all around player.

InsideTheDome: What are your first impressions of Lansing?

Ryan Klosterman: Oh I love it! It is finally starting to warm up and hopefully it stays this way. It is a great atmosphere and a beautiful facility. It is a great place to play.

InsideTheDome: Being from Vanderbilt, how do you feel playing in a tough SEC conference has helped you so far in preparing you for a professional career?

Ryan Klosterman: I think it helped out a lot. Any of the big conferences you're going to see three good college starters on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and that's what you're going to see here, so I think that it has prepared me well for this year.

InsideTheDome: How would you rate the Midwest League talent to the SEC talent?

Ryan Klosterman: It's a whole different ball game. Every conferences best players are here. You can't really compare it to a conference.

InsideTheDome: What has been the biggest transition so far for you personally going from college to pro ball? Have you had to adjust anything in your game coming from Auburn to Lansing?

Ryan Klosterman: It's baseball. You just try to grow with each other and soak up as much as you can, gain experience, learn and get good at bats. It's a big learning experience for me.

InsideTheDome: How did you prepare yourself this off season for a full 140 game schedule?

Ryan Klosterman: I didn't even know what to really train for with this being my first full season. I worked out back at school with the Vanderbilt kids. I have a lot of respect for their strength and conditioning program and the guys that run it there.

InsideTheDome: What was your draft experience like? Did it surprise you that the Blue Jays drafted you? What other teams showed an interest in you?

Ryan Klosterman: It did surprise me to be drafted by the Blue Jays. I didn't expect it at all. I talked to a lot of teams, but I never talked to the Blue Jays personally. A lot of other teams showed interest in me, so I thought I would be going somewhere else. Draft day came and the Blue Jays called and it was a neat experience.

InsideTheDome: Have you established any goals for yourself this season and if so, what are they?

Ryan Klosterman: Personally for me it is to cut down on my strikeouts and raise my on base percentage. I'm trying to be a player that gets on base a lot, steals bases and generally creates havoc for the other team.

InsideTheDome: What is on aspect of your game that you feel you need to improve on this year?

Ryan Klosterman: Definitely cutting down on the strikeouts and raising my on base percentage.

InsideTheDome: With this being your first experience playing with Juan Peralta at second, how have the two of you been adjusting to each other as middle infielders? Have you guys adapted to each other yet or is it still a feeling out process for the two of you?

Ryan Klosterman: It's going really well. Juan is a great player and he played short last year. I'm still learning from him and watching what he does. He is a very talented infielder and it is great to play with somebody with his ability over there. As a middle infielder, you are basically as good as the guy next to you.

InsideTheDome: What are some of your hobbies away from the field?

Ryan Klosterman: Just relaxing, especially during the season. You get one off day every two weeks or so. You just have to be able to rest and let your body heal on those off days. I'm also a big movie guy and I watch a lot of television." Top Stories