Mississippi linebacker speaks highly of Vanderbilt

6-2, 232 pound Domonic Hopson has good speed (4.61) and amassed over 229 tackles over the last two seasons. The talented Pascagoula, Miss. linebacker is being pursued by a host of schools including Vanderbilt.

Which colleges are showing you the most interest? "I have been offered by Ole Miss, USM, and Rice. Vandy is recruiting me real hard, and I get a lot of letters from LSU. I have talked to Tennessee on the phone a few times. I am getting a lot of letters from everybody, but those are the schools that are recruiting me pretty hard."

Out all of the schools you listed, who is recruiting you the hardest? "I would say Ole Miss."

Which colleges are standing out right now? "I really liked Ole Miss' facilities when I went up there. I like all of the Mississippi schools. I want to stay instate and help us win a national championship, but I liked LSU's facilities too when I went up there for Jr Day. I am going to watch them and see what Coach Miles can do. I like Vandy too."

Which camps have you attended and where are you going next? "I have only been to Ole Miss' Skilled camp, and I have not made up my mind yet on the other camps. The only one I know for sure is the LSU Team Camp that is on the 18th. That is the only one I know for sure."

Talk about your experience at the Ole Miss camp? "I learned a lot. It was more than I expected. I thought we would be doing a bunch of 7 on 7's, but we did a lot more individual drills, which I liked better. You get to learn more about the game of football. They taught me a lot of techniques that should me get better. I can not wait to get back out there to see how much better I have gotten. And the thing that I liked most about the Ole Miss camp was their coaches. Every time you made a good play, they all came running out on the field jumping up and down to congratulate you. I like their coach's enthusiasm the most."

What attracts you to MSU? "I like Coach Croom. He seems like he is going to get it together up there. I like their coaches. They are good people. They are straight forward with you. I do not want to go somewhere where I can not trust the coaches. It has be like family."

What are USM's positives? "The biggest thing with USM is that it is close to home. It is only like a 90 minute drive from my house. My mother can get up there easily to watch the games. It would make it easy on my family."

How about LSU? "I really like LSU. I grew up watching LSU. A lot of people in this town pull for LSU, so people are always coming up to you and telling you to go to LSU. They get a lot of support from around here. They are also close to home. It is only like a 2 1/2 drive from my house, so it is real close too. My brother signed with Rice last year (Trey Hopson), so if it were an early game, she could watch me and not be going out of her way to see my brother play in Houston (TX)."

What attracts you to Vandy? "I like Vandy because they were the first school to send me hand written letters. They have been real consistent with me. I like the way they have recruited me. I talked to Coach Kenny Carter, and he told me that they now have some film on me, and they were probably going to be offering me real soon. It is a good academic institution too."

And lastly, Ole Miss? "I like Ole Miss' facilities the best. They have the Walk of Champions where they get like 20,000 fans on each side. You have got to be excited about that. The atmosphere up there during football season is crazy. It is all about football up there."

What will you be looking at when it comes decision time? "Academics, it is really all about academics with my mother. If you do not keep at least a B average on your report card, you have to sit out of football at our house. It did not take long for me and my brothers to learn that rule (laugh). I do want to go to a winning team, but the coaches will play a real big part. But the biggest thing will be the academics and then the coaches."

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