VandyPoll: Which sport will win a National Title?

Hundreds of Vanderbilt fans voted in a recent VandyPoll which asked which sport had the best chance to win a national title in 2005-06. Women's sports topped the list. Women's tennis garnered the most votes with 26 percent followed by women's basketball (22 percent) and new sport bowling (14 percent).

Surprisingly football received 6 percent of the vote followed by men's basketball (4 percent) and baseball (9 percent).

Which sport does Vanderbilt have the best chance to win a national title in 2005-06?

Women's Tennis 26.25%
Women's Basketball 22.50%
Women's Bowling 13.75%
Baseball 9.38%
Football 6.25%
Women's Golf 5.00%
Women's Lacrosse 5.00%
Men's Tennis 4.38%
Men's Basketball 3.75%
Men's Golf 3.12%
Women's Cross Country 0.62%
Men's Cross Country 0%
Men's Soccer 0%
Women's Track and Field 0% Top Stories