Men's hoops: Player interviews

VandyMania talked to Brendan Plavich, David Przybyszewski and Russell Lakey in the locker room after Vanderbilt's 69-62 SEC Tournament loss to LSU.

BRENDAN PLAVICH, sophomore guard

VM: What did LSU try to take away from you today? What did they do on you that was so effective?

Brendan: They had a lot of energy out there. They pressured the outside on us and tried to take away our 3's. We just struggled as a team today shooting the ball. Today they just face-guarded me-- the guy who helped out on defense face-guarded me. It's tough to score when someone's chasing you all over the court like that.

VM: Warming up today, did you feel like you would be in a rhythm the way you are sometimes?

Brendan: Yeah, personally I was shooting the ball pretty well. With a guy face-guarding me I had to shoot some tough shots, whereas usually I get more open looks, and it got me out of rhythm. But I was shooting the ball well in warmups.

VM: You're from not too far from here. Did you have your own cheering section today?

Brendan: I had my family. They're pretty good about going everywhere I go. It's definitely good to be in Georgia. My family was here, so it was nice.

VM: What do you see for this team next year? It seems like with everyone so young, you guys will only get better.

Brendan: We just have to keep improving. After this season, or after the NIT, we've got to go hard on weightlifting and conditioning to get ready for next year. I think we'll be good.

DAVID PRZYBYSZEWSKI, freshman center

VM: Tell me your thoughts on today's game.

David: As a team we just didn't play to our capabilities. We struggled a little bit with ball-handling and turnovers and our execution. We beat this team at home, and I thought this would be the same, but it wasn't.

VM: What did coach say to you after the game?

David: He told us to keep our heads up. We played good, we just didn't execute and play defense well. We still hope to play in the NIT tournament. We will find out on Sunday. We hope this is not the end. I'm just sad that we didn't win today and can't play tomorrow. But playing here in Atlanta and the Georgia Dome, it's a great experience.

RUSSELL LAKEY, sophomore guard

VM: Tell me your feelings right now on the loss.

Russell: Disappointment in my own personal performance, and pretty much our whole team's play. We played hard, we played like we wanted to win, but we didn't play smart enough to win. We didn't execute on defense and we didn't execute on offense. When you don't do those things, it's kind of hard to win.

VM: How would you assess LSU's defense? They're a team that just plays you belly-to-belly, a lot of hands in the lane, and so on.

Russell: They play great team defense. They play great individual defense, so they bellied up on our shooters. They took away our 3-point shot and contested every shot we made, and they also did a good job inside. So they played great defense, but we also didn't execute our offense.

VM: You missed a bunch of games early in the season because of your foot injury. How is your foot feeling, and do you think it's something you're eventually going to overcome?

Russell: The foot feels pretty good right now. I think I will be able to overcome it, when I have time to rest and sit back and relax. I may have surgery after the season to go ahead and get it completely healed. But it's in the back of my mind right now. I'm just hoping we get a berth to the NIT. We just want to keep playing. Not only for our seniors, but also to get these young guys, myself included, some more experience, and some experience in postseason play.

VM: Next year you won't be so young, and you're getting some good-looking guys in. What are your thoughts for next year?

Russell: The future's very bright. We've had four sophomores who played quality minutes, and four freshmen who've played a lot of minutes. We may be young, but we'll have a lot of time on the court. We're going to be very talented. They're going to say we're young, but we just have to go out there and play. The Vanderbilt fan's home on the web. Top Stories