Interview: Mackenzi Adams

Bill Wade, Watson Brown, Whit Taylor and Greg Zolman; they all worked their way up from freshman status to stardom as quarterbacks at Vandy. In June another possible future Commodore quarterback star reported for duty at Vanderbilt. VandyMania spoke with highly touted freshman quarterback Mackenzi Adams from his home in Oklahoma as he takes a short break before heading back to Nashville for preseason practice.

VandyMania: Tell us a little about your senior season accomplishments.
Mackenzi Adams: I transfered schools at the end of my junior year, to Union. I had been at Union for six years all through elementary school and some middle school. I came back and I knew the people. We had a bunch of transfers coming in so weren't playing too good as a team but it came together and it seemed like every week we got better. We beat our rivals Jenks in the state finals game and won state for the second time in three years for Union. I didn't have great stats, they weren't even comparable to what I had my sophomore and junior years at Metro. Obviously our team was a lot better and everyone had a part in it. No one's stats on the team were really that great, it was just kind of a team effort; our goal was just to win state and that happened.

VandyMania: What have you been up to this summer?
Mackenzi Adams: About two weeks after high school let out I left and went down to Vandy and took two summer classes, so I was going to class every day from 8 to 12 and I was working out and running with the team, met a lot of people. I'm real glad I went down there and met a lot of people on the team. I've only been back here [Oklahoma] about a week. I got a couple more weeks and then I'm going to go back to Vandy, about the first week of August.

VandyMania: So what's going to be your goal at Vandy?
Mackenzi Adams: I really couldn't tell you yet, obviously I'm planning on red shirting this year. I'm just looking forward to going in there and being able to travel, gain experience, and go around to all the stadiums and watch Jay and Chris and just learn from them and see what it's all about.

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VandyMania: How many freshman are actually in Nashville working out this summer?
Mackenzi Adams: In June there was like 17 of us there. A bunch of us came home in July but there was the good majority of us down there in June taking classes and some people were just down there working out, not taking classes.

VandyMania: What were some of the factors that contributed to you committing very early to Vanderbilt?
Mackenzi Adams: I had some other schools recruiting me, I had been to some other camps. First of all, it just felt different, I had been in contact with coach Belin on the phone and I enjoyed talking with him a lot. Then I went down there and met the rest of the coaching staff. It just seemed like the coaching staff was a little bit different from the other coaching staffs that I had been around. I enjoyed talking to them and learning from them so that made big difference. Down on the campus it just kinda felt right being there. I really, really liked the campus. I met a lot of the players and talked to Jay and some other players. It just kinda felt right and they came out and offered me after the camp. I talked with my dad and we just decided to commit right then. I'm happy with the outcome and the situation I'm in.

VandyMania: After you committed, did other teams continue to pursue you?
Mackenzi Adams: A little bit but it was kind of the other way around. I had a variety of schools looking at me before I committed but after I committed I had a bunch of them back off.

VandyMania: What do you feel your role will be with the Vanderbilt team will be in 2005?
Mackenzi Adams: No one's told me what my role's gonna be [laughs]. I figure I'll redshirt and be the scout team quarterback and help the defense get ready and things like that.

VandyMania: Have you heard anything about Steven Bright moving to fullback?
Mackenzi Adams: Yeah, I know he played some quarterback in spring practice and then he played some fullback at the slot back too, then while I was up there this summer, in 7 on 7, he was playing fullback and slot back and stuff like that. I know they are trying to get him on the field, he's a real good athlete, a big kid.

VandyMania: Have you decided on a major yet at Vanderbilt?
Mackenzi Adams: I'm in Human and Organizational Development at Peabody College.

VandyMania: Mackenzi, thanks for your time, we wish you the best of luck in your 2005 season.

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