Interview: Chris Young, wide receiver

VandyMania interviewed wide receiver before a spring practice session recently.

VM: What are your thoughts so far with this spring practice?

CY:  I think it's going pretty well.  We got a few guys a little sore but everything is flowing smoothly.  We are getting the system in pretty good. 

VM: What are your thoughts on this new coaching staff?

CY: I think they are a pretty cool staff. They are real laid back type of coaches with a real fire for playing some football. 

VM: What are your thoughts on your fellow wide receivers?  Who do you see contributing in the fall?

CY: Of course Dan Stricker is going to be a big part of the offensive regime.  M.J. Garrett, Brandon Smith, Keith Williams, you may see Markessus House in the mix a little bit there. Ryan Cuffee.  You never can tell.

VM: What are some of the things you guys are doing in strength and conditioning to prepare yourselves for the 2002 season?

CY: Oh my goodness! I think we are the best, most well conditioned. . . I mean we work as hard as anybody in the weight room. Anybody. 

VM: How about speed training?  What are some of the things you do to get faster?

CY: Weight training.  We also do speed burst drills.  I feel faster.  I hope everybody else does. 

VM: What do you think is you 40 time right now?

CY: I think it's about a 4.4.

VM: Who is the fastest guy on the team in your opinion?

CY:  Let me tell it and I'll say I am but I don't know.  We got a little walk on.  He might be competing for the top spot. I'm serious! He is a jet.  I don't know his name. 

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