Interview: Chuck Losey, defensive end

Senior defensive end Chuck Losey spoke with VandyMania after a spring practice session.

VM: What do you see as the biggest goal for the defensive line getting ready for the 2002 season?

CL: Right now we are working on the new scheme.  We are working on our technique, getting it down.  I think right now during the spring, that's all we are concentrating on.  Come summer I'm sure we'll get into the details about playing harder and running our stunts.  Right now we are just trying to get this new 4-3 technique in. That's about all we can do.

VM: How's it going?

CL: It's going good.  It's tough.  It's a big change from what we played last year.  3-4, we jumped around playing 3 technique, 5 technique, rush.  But now you just have one position and you just have to take care of your gap. It's less responsibility but a little more work I think. 

VM:  Who do you see as being the big contributers on the defensive line during the 2002 season?

CL: Right now Jovan Haye and Robert Dinwiddie are going to have to step up huge for us.  Hopefully by season we'll get Brett [Beard] at nose back.  We are going to need a starting three technique and it's got to be Dinwiddie.  He's working his ass off out here.  He's doing good.  Jevon, he's a converted linebacker to D-line.  He's just got to get his stuff together. 

VM: How about your new coach, Coach Turner, what are your thoughts on him? Is he pretty laid back?

CL:  He's the exact opposite of coach Harrison [laughs].  He's everything but laid back. 

VM: Is that a good thing to you?

CL: I'm used to one way but I'm going to have to get used to this. Top Stories