Interview: Karl Nonemaker, center fielder

VandyMania talked with senior center fielder Karl Nonemaker just before SEC play got under way.

VM: How do you feel with how the season is progressing?

KN: We feel like we've been playing pretty well.  Our record is pretty good and we've shown some character in a couple of tough games.  Coming from behind and getting some wins.  That's been uplifting.  Another thing that has been maybe a positive is the fact that we really haven't put many complete games together.  It's frustrating that we haven't played that great game yet but we are excited that if we are good enough to be 11-3 and haven't really started clicking yet, what's going to happen when we really get things moving? Hopefully we start peaking into SEC play.  Now's a good time to get things going and start winning more games.  We are real confident that we are going where we want to: the postseason this year.

VM: Outstanding.  As far as your personal goals, what would you say they are right now?

KN: First and foremost my first goal all season has been to get to the post season.  I've never been there.  After that with me, it's just get a chance to play longer.  If I get to the post season I get to play longer and hopefully get a chance to play pro ball and keep playing.  That's really what's driving me right now. 

VM: Have you had any contact or have any scouts been asking about you?

KN: Yes, they are around but the biggest thing is always "what have you done lately?"  You can start out hot or whatever but you need to just keep playing well and help a team win and hopefully things will fall into place. 

VM: What do you think about this new stadium?

KN: It's great, great.

VM: Wish you could have had it when you first got here?

KN: I didn't mind the old park but this has just been great with turning the program around.  It's putting us on the map in the country and we are getting some even bigger named guys to sign here.  Everyone comes here and sees that this is serious now.    I think this will help boost Vandy into a contender year in and year out in the SEC.

VM:  Do you think this park helps you with your hitting or hurts you?

KN: I like how it doesn't have much foul territory.  To tell you the truth, last year it took a while to get used to just playing in the new surroundings.  The first two years you were used to seeing the same thing.  It took a little while to get used to the surroundings but now this feels like home and it is a much nicer home than we had.  I think it's a good hitter's park when the wind is blowing out.

VM: Any predictions for your SEC record this year?

KN: I know if we go out there and we just keep playing well . . . as long as we play well enough to get to the tournament that's all we are looking for.  That would probably take 15 wins.   We are confident we are going.  Who knows what could happen if we get rolling though, we could get up to 20 wins.  We are just trying to take it day by day and play every series and get a game or two every weekend and just chip away.  

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