Interview: Markessus House, wide receiver

VandyMania talked with junior wide receiver Markessus House about his progress during the spring drills and his thoughts on the quarterback situation.

VM: What are some of the things that kind of jump out at you about this new coaching staff?

MH: Demanding.  They have a lot of demands of us.  They want us to come out here and be perfect in everything that we do and that's what it takes to win.

VM: What are some of the things that you see wide receivers doing differently in games this season?

MH: That's kind of hard to comment on.  Basically, just learning the defense, knowing the defense and knowing our assignments.  Catching the ball a lot better.

VM: Of all the wide receivers on the team who do you see as maybe stepping it up a notch and contributing more in the fall?

MH: Possibly me [laughs].  It's my fourth year here.  Coming out of high school I was a quarterback. I was converted to a receiver.  It's been real tough, but possibly me.  I'm looking forward to it.  I've got a lot better.  I'm catching the ball better and running my routes a lot better. I'm running a lot faster.

VM: What are some of your goals during spring practice?

MH: Learning the offense and being on the same page as the coaches.   Like I said they are very demanding and have a lot expectations.  They want to win some ball games.  I want to win ball games too. 

VM: What is your thoughts right now on the quarterback situation?  That has a big impact on wide receivers. What are you thinking right now?  If you had to go out on the field with one of them, which one do you think you would prefer?  I know they are pretty much even.

MH: Like you said, they are both even [laughs].  Either one.  Right now Benji Walker, he has been doing a good job.  Cutler has too.  I really can't comment on that. Top Stories