Interview: Matt Weiss, punter

VandyMania spoke with sophomore walk-on punter Matt Weiss about Vanderbilt special teams and what life is like for a Vanderbilt walk-on.

VM: What do you see as your biggest goal working out in your spring practices?

MW: I'm just trying to get my punts off a little bit quicker.

VM: What are some of the things you can do to improve on that?

MW: I've been working with Coach Johnson to try to take my first step into the ball instead of after the catch.

VM: Is Coach Johnson primarily the one that is working with special teams?

MW: There is an individual coach for each special team.  Coach Johnson works with the kickers and punters himself.

VM: How are you punting the ball now?  Roughly what are you averaging?

MW: I'm getting just under about 40.  38 or 39.

VM: You are a walk-on.  What's life like here for a walk-on?

MW: They are pretty much treated the same as a scholarship player.  They have all the same obligations and same schedule. 

VM: You guys get the training table and all that stuff?

MW: Yes sir. 

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