Interview with Matthew Tant, running back

Matthew Tant, a promising redshirt freshman running back, spoke with VandyMania during spring drills about his thoughts on the new coaching staff and strength conditioning.

VM: What are your thoughts now after the first several practices of the spring?

MT: I feel like the tempo is a lot faster and everything is moving a lot better.  It's going real good

VM: I hear that they haven't decided yet whether you are going to be a tailback or fullback. What do you prefer?

MT: I really don't know. I just want to be on the field.  I don't care where I am at.

VM: It's whatever is best for the team, huh?

MT: Yes.

VM: What do you tell a Vanderbilt fan that has been rooting for you guys for years and is asking himself "how do I keep going?", what do you tell that person?

MT: We got a new coach and new start.  The coaches are fired up.  We are all fired up and we feel like we are going to win this year.

VM: How are you guys doing in the weight room?

MT: We're getting a lot stronger.  The new strength coach is really pushing us.  It's a lot harder than it's ever been.  More intensity.  I think we are going to be a lot stronger than any other team in the SEC.

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