Interview: Mike Adam, fullback

VandyMania spoke with senior fullback Mike Adam during spring drills about his transition from the linebacker position and his thoughts on the upcoming season.

VM: What are your thoughts after the first couple of practices of the spring?

MA: It's great. The new coaching staff is in. They are balls to the wall. Intense. They don't let anything loose happen.  If we don't do it right, we come back and do it again. I love it.

VM: What are some of the things you have to do different as a fullback, making the transition from linebacker?

MA: It's completely different.  I've been playing linebacker for three years.  Actually, Vandy was the only school that recruited me for defense so fullback was kind of my forte' before.  I think I have an advantage from playing the linebacker position the last three years because I know what linebackers hate to do.  They hate to take on fullbacks.  I think I have a little bit of an edge with that.

VM: Do you think with this new offense that the fullback is going to be carrying the ball a lot or will they be doing more blocking?

MA:  I think the fullback is going to get a lot more carries than the usual two back team. It should be good.

VM: What would you tell a Vanderbilt fan that has been rooting for Vandy for the last 20 years and is on his last leg, saying "man, should I keep rooting for these guy?". What would you tell that fan?

MA: I'd say "Watch out! because the coal train is coming through!" [laughs] Top Stories