Interview: Nigel Seaman, offensive tackle

VandyMania spoke with right offensive tackle Nigel Seaman about things he is trying to improve on and his thoughts on the new staff.

VM: How do you feel you did today?

NS:  I need a lot of improvement, I really do. I made too many mistakes today.

VM:  What are some of the things you'd like to improve on?

NS: Basically everything.  My footwork, my stance and a lot more.

VM: I saw you popping a few guys out there today.

NS: That's alright but I can be better. I need to improve.

VM: What is your impression so far of this new coaching staff?

NS: Great. It's great. I'm learning a lot stuff from them already.  I just have to put into use what he is teaching me. He's a good coach ([Robbie Calwell].  All of them are good coaches.

VM: What is the offensive line's goal for the 2002 season?

NS: To be better.  To play as a one.  To dominate the line.

VM: What are your own personal goals for the 2002 season?

NS:  To be better.  To be the best I can.

VM: On the offensive line, who do you feel like are the leaders?

NS: Jim May and Jamie Byrum.  They are great.

VM: How are you guys doing in the weight room?

NS: Doing pretty good.  Coach Sisk [Speed & Conditioning Director John Sisk] is great, our training coach.  He's the best.

VM: What are some things he does that you really like?

NS: He keeps everything on schedule and he's intense. The what I really like about him. Top Stories