Interview: Robert Dinwiddie, defensive tackle

VandyMania spoke with promising sophomore defensive tackle Robert Dinwiddie during spring drills.

VM: You've been looking pretty good out there.  What have you been doing to get ready for this?

RD: I'm just trying to get better.  Coach Turner has been focusing on fundamentals and making sure we do everything we can perfectly.   I'm just trying to do what he tells me to do. Trying to stay on his good side [laughs].

VM: Who do you think will be the leaders on the defensive line during the 2002 season?

RD: Well you always got to have senior leadership.  Hopefully I'll get to be there one day and hopefully I'll lead by example.  It's up to the seniors to lead us and that's [Chuck] Losey and [Ryan] Nungesser.  That's the fifth year seniors right now.

VM: What do you think about this new coaching staff so far?

RD: They are very hard working and they make us work hard.  They demand the best out of us and everything we have.  They say there is only two things we [players] can control, that's attitude and effort.  They'll try and control the rest of it. 

VM: What do you tell that Vanderbilt fan that has been hanging on for 20 years, rooting for you guys and he's down to his last leg.  What would you say to that person?

RD: If they've been rooting for 20 years then they better keep on rocking! [laughs]  It's not to good to switch then.  No, tell them that they are going to be pleasantly surprised when we come out there Top Stories