Interview: Sean Luellwitz, first base/catcher

VandyMania spoke with senior first baseman Sean Luellwitz who is having an outstanding season for the much improved Commodore baseball team.

VM: Sean, how have you been doing so far this season?

SL: I've been feeling great overall.  I've been taking great hacks at the plate and things have been going well.  I think my confidence is up and I'll only do better as the SEC starts.

VM: How do you think this stadium is helping you guys overall as far as your program is concerned? 

SL: I think big time. It's really showed us that the athletic department is behind us with the money and the facility.  We feel that we now have a big time ball park and we are playing like it.  It's not only helped us in what we are doing now but also in recruiting classes coming in.

VM: What are your thoughts now as you head into SEC play?

SL:   We are playing great.  We are playing just the way we want to going into SEC.  We've had a couple of tough games and we've played some great competition.  We've played well and everyone is very confident about what we can do.

VM: What do you think about some these freshmen that Vanderbilt is signing?

SL: They've had a great impact already.  If you look at Sowers, but also the other guys that haven't gotten the big time press.  They've done a great job for us.  This recruiting class that we have now's freshmen and the one coming are highly ranked.  We are going to have great players here in the years to come.

VM:  Where are you from?

SL: Milwaukee, WI

VM: Thanks Sean. Top Stories