Interview: Jay Cutler, quarterback

VandyMania spoke with promising redshirt freshman quarterback Jay Cutler during spring drills.

VM:  You've been here almost a year now, what are your thoughts heading into your second season at Vanderbilt?

JC: We are excited we have the new coaching staff and a few changes.  Hopefully we'll start out on a good footing next season.

VM: Speaking of the new coaching staff, what are some of the things that are different about this staff that kind of jump out at you over the previous staff?

JC:  A little more discipline.  A lot more motivation.  The coaches are a little more involved.  I think it's going to be good for this team.

VM: Overall what do you think is some of the team goals for the 2002 season?

JC:  Just to improve.  We've got a ways to go.  Just win some more ball games and play as a team.

VM: What are your own personal objectives?

JC: I just want to improve.  We'll just see what happens between me and Benji.

VM: What are some of the things in your game that you are trying to improve on to make you a better quarterback?

JC:  Just throwing accuracy.  Fudamentals.  Getting back into the pocket quicker.  A good release.  Just basic stuff.

VM:  There has been a lot of talk about you and Benji Walker, about who will be the starting quarterback.  What do you have to say about that?

JC: It's going to be tough.  Me and Benji, we are just working real hard in the spring.  We'll just see what happens.  We are both learning a new offense.  This will be tough, I think.  Benji is working real hard.  He's got a little more experience than me.  We'll see how the spring goes and then two-a-days. Top Stories