Friday Practice Report

Practice started at 4:15. It was another cold day for a spring practice. Today only one gold jersey was awarded, Justin Geisinger was rewarded for his work in Thursday's practice. Today's practice was one of the better attended practices, there were several players' parents in the stands due to Parent's Weekend at Vanderbilt.

Practice started with individual group work, before moving on to introducing new pass plays. Then while the QBs, RBs, WRs, and TEs worked against the LBs and secondary, the offensive and defensive lines went head to head.

Jay and Benji both threw good passes during the drill, M.J., Jerrin Holt, and Ryan Cuffee all made good catches. For the battle of the trenches, done one player at a time, Robert Dinwiddie was the star of the defensive line and Jamie Byrum was the O-line's best. The defensive line coach yelled at one point, "We haven't beat Jamie all spring!"

Next practice went to full team passing plays, then special teams work for 10-15 minutes. Finally, practice ended with a 30 minute scrimmage. The defense was repeatedly told to keep the offense up and not tackle, so this made the offense look pretty good. Jay Cutler had a 20-25 yard run on the option where he wasn't touched until he was well down field. Ian Gaines had some hard runs where he fought his way through defenders for several yards. The play of the scrimmage belonged to senior walk-on Juan Rojas. Rojas took a handoff up the middle over 60 yards for a touchdown, leading to the offensive sideline erupting in celebration.

Several players wore red jerseys today, Jim May has worn red all spring, others with red for the first time were: Benji Walker, Hunter Hillenmeyer, and Aaron Carter.

Saturday's practice/scrimmage starts at 9:30 AM and is open to the public.

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