Women's Hoops: VU vs. NC Post Game Comments

Post game comments from Saturday's game against North Carolina.

The Press: For Anderson, you're usually the center of attention, but today Jenni made some big shots, and Danker also hit some key shots. That kind of took pressure off you. Can you talk about that?

Chantelle Anderson: I think in scouting us, sometimes people overlook the fact that we have five people on the floor at all times that can score. We're a very versatile basketball team. We're not one-dimensional at all. Our post game is a big part of our offense, but it's not our only offense, and if people focus too much on me, or too much on the high-low game with me and Zuzi, then we do have very good shooters that are going to knock down shots, and I think that Jenni and Jillian proved that tonight.

The Press: Chantelle, I wonder if you could talk about the second half, as opposed to the first half when you only had two shots.

Chantelle: I just think that in the first half I was getting looks because I hit some free throws in the first half, too. I was getting fouled on shots. So, yes, I only had two shots, but that number's a little deceiving. They were jumpers; I think in the second half I hit most of my points from the free throw line as well, so it was really tough inside. They decided to throw everyone at me, to try to foul me, disrupt me, and thankfully I was able to step up and hit some big free throws. I was trying to be active; I felt a little like Shaq out there. (laughter, then in response to comment) Yeah, I hit my free throws.

The Press: For Jenni, was there any particular spot where you were getting your three-pointers?

Jenni Benningfield:Well, we're an inside-outside team, and we threw the ball inside, and, like Chantelle said, when they're coming down on her, they don't realize that we have shooters outside waiting. We actually knocked them down. But I think most of my threes came from the wing, and wherever I could get open, and they sagged off of me, so I had open shots.

The Press: Could you talk about the physicality of this game compared to other games you've played in this season?

Chantelle: (laughter from teammates) Well, I'm not going to say anything that's going to get me in trouble. (pause) I think that playing in the SEC prepares you for a certain level of physical play and I really respect that are going to come out and play their game and try to be physical in a clean way. There were a lot of fouls called, so obviously playing cleanly was not one of their priorities. But thankfully the refs cleaned it up and helped keep them off me a little bit, and I'm thankful for that.

The Press: (inaudible)

Zuzi Klimesova: I think once again we've been in such situations before where we had a lead and then we were capable of getting ourselves back together. We had just been through two of those games at the SEC tournament. We have been in games like that before. At the first conference that we had Coach Foster made a good point that we are one of the teams that are still growing and developing as we go through more and more games, and I think that . . . actually keeping our composure is one of the things that we have been concentrating on, and it is good to see that three times in a row we had to really focus together . . .

The Press: Jenni, can you talk about getting another shot at Tennessee?

Jenni: We've always focused on especially throughout the season that it doesn't really matter who we play. We've got to concentrate on Vanderbilt basketball and everything that we've been working on since October 14 and executing everything. We're excited; it's always a big game to play against them. But at this point in the season, everything game's a big game. We've just got to come out and really just execute and play with a lot of emotion and leave our heart on the floor.

The Press: Chantelle, can you talk about your defense of Nikki Teasley?

Chantelle: We play triangle and two and us three are in the triangle. Jillian and Mac were on the two players, Coretta Brown and Nikki Teasley, and I think they did a great job disrupting them, making them work for every shot that they got. They had to work for a lot of their shots, a majority of them. Our job was just if they got by them, or if they drove into our area, to try to help Jillian and Mac out, and to try to make their shots tough. I think it was a team defensive effort, and we did a good job.

The Press: Talk about the defensive effort.

We've done a pretty good job the past four or five games. Actually, we've done a pretty good job since January 9th or 10th, the game right after South Carolina . . . it's been something we've worked very very hard at, and something we've gotten pretty good at.

The Press: (inaudible)

I think we've played 36 games and we're seen every kind of defensive strategy you see, and I thought we started to make some adjustments. I think we were frustrated early, but once we understood how the game was going to be called, we were fine, and we got the ball to Chantelle, and she could be effective by going to the foul line.

The Press: Now that you can't be accused of looking ahead to Tennessee, can you talk about Monday's night?

Jim Foster: I think with the magnitude of the game you're playing Monday night, who you're playing is irrelevant. If you don't show up with a lot of emotion for a game like that, you're in trouble. The fact that it's Tennessee probably makes it a little easier to show up with emotion. Quite frankly, this might be the first time we've played Tennessee in my 11 years when there might be more black and gold in the crowd. That would be a novel experience.

The Press: Could you talk about the physicality of the game?

Well, it was physical. They had a lot of bodies and they were willing to use a lot of fouls. The difference between Shaquille and Chantelle is at the foul line. What would you call it, Hack-a-Telle? It doesn't work when the player you're hacking goes 14 for 16.

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